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Heroic qualify for the CS:GO Blast Spring Finals, send BIG to the Spring Showdown

Danyal Arabi

Heroic qualify for the CS:GO Blast Spring Final, send BIG to the Spring Showdown

The final match of the CS:GO Blast Spring Groups is upon us, and Heroic is the penultimate team to qualify for the Spring Finals. Taking on BIG Clan today, the Cadian-led squad looked ready to carry their good form into the final map of the tournament. On the other hand, BIG Clan has been lukewarm this tournament. On a day when all five players needed to show up, only syrsoN and Krimbo showed up.

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Stavn pulls off a wild AWP clutch to shut BIG out of the CS:GO Blast Spring Finals

Map summary:

  • Vertigo (BIG Clan’s pick): 16-3 to Heroic
  • Ancient (Heroic’s pick): 16-12 to BIG Clan
  • Inferno (Decider): 16-10 to Heroic

In a role reversal of sorts, both teams managed to win their opponent’s map picks. Starting off on Vertigo, Heroic won the pistol and the subsequent conversions to go up 3-0. BIG managed to steal a round in the middle, but a poor half overall saw them drop almost every other round. Toward the end of the half, Heroic managed to mount a 2v5 retake on the A site that closed it out 13-2. Despite winning the pistol, BIG had no gas left in the tank to mount a comeback and lost 16-3.

Heading to Ancient, many eyebrows were raised as this was historically a poor map for Heroic. After losing to EG in this tournament, many expected them to not pick the map. In this case, the doubters were fair in their skepticism as Heroic dropped the map. The first half was a closely contested affair, but Heroic managed to throw away multiple advantages. The first half was settled 7-8 in BIG’s favor. Eventually, a couple of misplayed scenarios by Heroic managed to hand BIG the win 16-12.

Inferno was a complete stomp by Heroic going up to a 9-0 start. Almost echoing Vertigo, Heroic closed the half out 12-3 courtesy of a brilliant Stavn clutch. Eventually, BIG managed to mount a decent comeback on the T side, but the round deficit was too much to overcome. Winning the series 16-10, Heroic relegated BIG to the Spring Showdown while qualifying for the Spring Finals themselves.

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Danyal Arabi

Danyal Arabi


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