The Truth Warzone 2 DMZ Mission Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published September 14, 2023

The Truth is a Tier 5 Shadow Company DMZ mission and involves completing three different objectives. This short piece will look at everything you should know about ‘The Truth’ DMZ mission.

The Shadow Company has made quite an impact on Warzone 2 DMZ as the Season 5 Reloaded Update gave us three more tiers to their missions. With that, we got lots of new missions more difficult than ever which require you to navigate the extreme ends of the DMZ. That being said, this mission is one of them.

The player will have to finish three different objectives to complete it and it will take a while to complete. The Tier 5 Faction Missions are the hardest and provide the most hefty rewards. Let us look at all of the conditions, rewards, and more you will earn by completing this mission in the game. Let us dive into it.


  • The Truth Shadow Company DMZ Mission: Everything You Need to Know
  • Tier, Objectives, and Rewards
  • How to Complete the Mission
    • First and Second Objective
    • Third Objective

The Truth Shadow Company DMZ Mission: Everything You Need to Know

Missions that have three different objectives are comparatively more difficult. However, the instructions for this one are quite simple should you know how to navigate the DMZ mode. Even if you do not, we will go through each step with you. Firstly, we are going to look at the objectives and the rewards.

Players can earn a lot of XP for each mission completion. In addition, some of these missions have valuable contraband attached to them so pick and choose the ones that benefit you.

Tier, Objectives, and Rewards

As we mentioned in the beginning, this mission is the 6th mission on the 5th Tier of the Shadow Company Faction Missions. The objectives and rewards for the same are given below.

  • Rewards: M4 Weapon Contraband, +20,000 XP
  • Objectives
    • Kill the Rhino
    • Take and extract the documents you obtain from the Rhino
    • Extract the deal documents from the cruise terminal office in Vondel

How to Complete the Mission

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This mission is divided into three separate sections, each of which requires a different strategy and approach. However, the rewards are handsome. That being said, defeating a Rhino is the first objective and we all know how annoying this mini-boss can be. They absorb bullets like crazy and take multiple clips to die. Let us see how you can navigate this problem.

First Objective

Even before we face him, we will have to collect certain things so that our fight is easier. Start off by obtaining a shotgun that you are comfortable using. If you cannot decide, go with the KV Broadside because it is a versatile pick and does good enough damage in closer ranges. Also, pick up some stun grenades so you can slow the Rhino down.

  • Enter Koschei Complex and make your way towards the Factory Wing of the building. There you will find the Rhino boss waiting for you. As soon as you encounter him, throw those stun grenades to get yourself closer to him.
  • Once you do, go ham with your shotgun. Try to do as much damage as you can before he recovers from the effects of the stun.
  • Once he has recovered, back away throw a stun again, and repeat the tactic until you kill him.
  • We recommend packing lots of shotgun ammo and stun grenades so you do not run out during crucial moments.

You can also use a Bomb Drone, it will comfortably one-shot him and save you a lot of trouble. Once the Rhino is down, go near his body and find the documents. You can then move on to exfil from the map safely.

Third Objective

After you have the documents from The Rhino, you will have to make your way to the Cruise Terminal POI in Vonde and extract the deal documents from there. Let us see how you can do that.

  • After infiltrating Vondel, ensure that you find lots of ammo, shields, and weapons since the Cruise Terminal is bound to have enemy operators and AI. Ensure that you have a Skeleton Key with you. However, that won’t be a problem since the previous missions in Shadow Company provide Skeleton Keys as a reward.
  • On the off chance that you do not, you can use the Cruise Terminal Key and the Cruise Terminal Office Key to complete this mission.
  • Now, after gathering all the materials, make your way over to the Cruise Terminal and eliminate all the surrounding AI that gets in your way.
  • On the Ground floor of the building, you will find an Office Room which should house the documents you are looking for. The room is situated near a security checkpoint.
  • Once you get inside the office, you will find the documents on a table. Grab the Konni Deal Documents and exfil the map if you do not have any other missions to complete.

If you completed all the steps successfully, a notification alerting you about the mission completion should pop up immediately. That is all you need to know about The Truth DMZ mission in Warzone 2. For more Warzone 2 DMZ guides, click here and stay tuned at The SportsRush for more Warzone 2 content.

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