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What was Andrew Tate arrested for? Exploring allegations against the social media influencer

Aaryanshi Mohan

Andrew Tate

Controversial social media influencer, Andrew Tate was arrested along with his brother by the Romanian police on December 29, 2022. Both brothers face charges of money laundering, human trafficking and r*pe allegations.

Both, Tate and his brother have made multiple petitions against their detention. However, both of them got rejected.

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Is Andrew Tate still in jail?

It has been over a month that Tate and his brother are behind bars. They’re being questioned about the charges pressed against them. Tate often tweets about how “life” in jail has been treating him and what his routine looks like there.

He tweeted:

“There is only one way to survive in Jail. That is with absolute self-control and discipline. In Jail, your daily pleasures are extremely small. Phone calls and hot coffee.

“When you wake up, you will naturally want to grab a nice hot coffee and make your phone calls.”

“But this is an amateur mistake.”

Will the Tate brothers be released from jail?

Both the brothers have been vocal about how they’re not being given the treatment they deserve and how they feel the Romanian government is out to get them.

Both of them had appointed Tina Glandian as their lawyer recently, who filed a petition against the detention but had no luck. Glandian has been a lawyer for many A-list celebrities like Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, and Ke$ha in the past.

Recent evidence against Andrew Tate came from an alleged ex-girlfriend. She claimed that Tate was violent and abusive towards her. This could further tarnish Tate’s case, as he already faces serious charges.

During his detention, Tate also tweeted about how the system breaks one down and after 43 days, how he almost broke down.

“Lock yourself in your bathroom without your phone or laptop and try to sit for an hour. I’m at day 43 and counting. I almost cried today. Almost.”

It is reported that he and his brother, Tristan will remain in custody until February 27th.

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