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“I can see these Romanian motherf**kers doing,” Adin Ross reacts to Andrew Tate and Tristan’s appeal

Aaryanshi Mohan

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Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan have been in the custody of Romanian police since December 2022. Calls for releasing the Tate brothers exponentially. Adin Ross reacted to the brothers’ release plea. Earlier on, it was anticipated that the Tate brothers would get released on February 27, 2023.

Ross, who is a close friend of Andrew Tate believes that the Romanian government is keeping them behind bars purposefully and that the brothers have not done anything wrong.

During one of his Just chatting streams, Adin said that the Tate brothers are innocent and the Romanian police have not been able to find any evidence against them.

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Adin Ross blames Romanian authorities for not being supportive of Andrew Tate and Tristan’s release

Adin said that when the Tate brothers put in their appeal again, they should be released. He said March 14, 2023, is the day when people get to know if they will be free.

He said: “Oh, my god! Tomorrow’s actually a really, really special day! We’re going to find out if Mr. Andrew Tate is free. And the following day, we’ll find out if Mr. Tristan is free.”

Additionally, he said: “Here’s what needs to happen. Okay? Here’s what I can see these Romanian motherf**kers doing, chat. They are probably going to release one of them. This is my prediction. What do you guys think?

“Either one of them gets released, or they don’t release any of them. Because I feel like, they’re going to do something like that. Weird s**t!”

During the majority of the live stream, Adin kept on putting emphasis on how the arrest was part of huge propaganda. He claimed that the government had no evidence against the Tate brothers.

What is the latest news on Andrew Tate?

In the latest against Tate brother, a lawyer revealed that he might have unknowingly incriminated himself. The lawyer revealed that Tate revealed disclosed confidential information. He assumed that the calls were not monitored, and might have put out sensitive information.

The lawyer said:

“The reports are that this guy did two outrageously out-of-bounds things on jail calls. So often, jail calls are what get people screwed. They end up admitting stuff that gets them charged or they start committing whole new crimes.

“In this guy’s case, first, there’s only a list of people that he’s allowed to call. The reports are that he called people on the approved list, but then they patched in other third parties. That could be its own crime.”

For now, Andrew and Tristan Tate remain in police detention. Whether or not they will get bail, only the next hearing can tell.

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