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Genshin Impact Focalors and more Fontaine leaks

Angana Mazumdar

Genshin Impact Focalors

New leaks about the Hydro Archon of the Fontaine region of Genshin Impact, Focalors have surfaced which have revealed her name and more details about her personality and playstyle.

Genshin Impact 4.0 will finally introduce the much-awaited new region of Teyvat, the Hydro nation of Fontaine. As version 3.7 went live, leakers have already posted some insights on the new area and its Archon. Focalors, the Hydro Archon, is the God of Justice, as is already known by most Genshin Impact players.

Furthermore, other new characters which might appear during the Fontaine patches, as playable or otherwise, have also been leaked. The article covers more information about the region of Fontaine, their Archon, and more characters that we might encounter in the area.

Focalors: the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact

A credible leaker on Twitter Mero @merlin_impact, has released new leaks about the possible real name of the Hydro Archon, who goes by the alias Focalors. Like all the other Archons, it was expected that Focalors would have a real name she goes by. Her name is supposedly

Leaks of Focalors are surfacing everywhere now(Image via Twitter/@teyvattabloid2)\

Other leaks about her personality suggest she respects laws, as is expected from the God of Justice. It is also suggested that she has a long history before she became an Archon, taking after her predecessor.

Although not much about her playstyle has been out except that she is a sword user, some details about her signature weapon have been leaked. It might have a substat of HP%, with 33.1% at level 90. Its passive is to recover HP from normal or elemental attacks on the
enemies. Looking at the stats, the weapon may be a quite powerful sword. It also poses the possibility that Focalors might scale off HP% for her abilities.

Possible Fontaine plot details in Genshin Impact

Apart from the Archon and other character details, some plot regarding the plot of Fontaine has come to light. Team China recently leaked that Fontaine will have a sizeable underground jail, which might even have innocents jailed, not just criminals. The Fontaine police are said to carry swords. There are possibly two groups of police departments that will be based on the Royal Irish Constabulary and the French Republic, probably influencing the uniforms of the officers.

Two future playable characters might be the part of the officers, a character called Wriothesley and a blonde goth girl. Some more suspicious leaks suggest that the upper class and lower class of Fontaine have a huge wealth gap which might be the reason for the contradictions between them.

Childe, who probably also be seen on the banners in 4.0, might have a role in the Archon Quest as well. Leakers suggest his involvement in bringing other Fatui Harbingers. It was already in speculations that Alecchino will appear as a character in the plot. Lyney, the much-awaited Fontaine character, might be from the House of Hearth, which appears to be an orphanage run by Alecchino.

Some other leaks suggest the involvement of the Wanderer in the Fontaine storyline, which makes sense if more Fatui Harbingers are also involved. We might also encounter Charlotte, the reporter, again in Fontaine either as a character in a story or a Cryo catalyst playable.

It was already in speculations that Fontaine might have a mechanism for underwater gameplay. Since the leaks about v3.8’s amusement parks have surfaced, it seems solid that the underwater gameplay trailer seen during the 3.7 live stream was actually a teaser for version 4.0.

New Fontaine characters

Right now, there aren’t many characters from Fontaine who have been officially confirmed. However, leaks have revealed two possible new additions except for the much-awaited Lyney and Lynette. The first character is one that many Genshin Impact players might be acquainted with, the Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino “The Knave”. It is also suggested by some leakers that she will have a Pyro vision. It is worth seeing if she is merely a part of the Fontaine storyline in Genshin Impact or becomes playable during one of the patches.

The second character that has been leaked is a completely new character, based on Liyue. The image shows a boy with white hair and blue accessories. Not much information is known about him except that he might be a possible four-star.

Another character called Freminet, who will possibly be a Cryo Claymore bearer has been leaked. The character is supposedly a four-star who might appear in the first patch of Fontaine itself. Also, Mero has described him to be a diver with great concentration.

Fontaine will be the next best thing(Image via Twitter/@HutaoLover77)

Wriothesley, who was leaked to be an officer working for the Fontaine underground jail might join as a playable in the future as a Cryo 5-star. He might also be a part of the Standard Banner later. However, players are advised to take this information with a grain of salt.

Genshin Impact 4.0 banners

Rumors have long suggested that the 4.0 banners will feature Lyney and Lynette. Based on the leaked information, Lyney is rumored to be a five-star character who wields a Pyro Bow. In contrast, Lynette is said to be a four-star character who utilizes an Anemo Sword. Additionally, more recent leaks suggest phase 1 of the 4.0 banner will feature Venti and Yelan. Phase 2 might have Lyney and Tartaglia.

Players will have to wait for another patch, Genshin Impact 3.8 before they finally land in Fontaine. To learn about the next possible banners and other leaks about v3.8, click here.

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