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God of War Ragnarok: Top 5 Blades of Chaos Runic Attacks to Decimate your Foes

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

God of War Ragnarok: Top 5 Blades of Chaos Runic Attacks to Decimate your Foes

This article will look at the most devastating, beautiful Runic Attacks leading you to the most DPS in God of War Ragnarok.

The Blades of Chaos is the most potent weapon in the game in chaining combos. The more hits you get in, the more damage you do. That is why choosing the right runic attacks is essential to deal maximum damage to the Blades. This list will be a surefire way to tell which skills you will need to defeat the Norse Pantheon once and for all. Let us get into it.

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Five of the most Hell Fiery Blades of Chaos Runic Attacks in God of War Ragnarok

#5 – Rampage of the Furies

An old-school special. Rampage of the Furies will be a delight for the eyes of old God of War players since it is an improvement over the previous. It is a slower and more methodical combo that deals much damage, has a lesser cooldown, and looks cool. Kratos spinning his blades while destroying enemies never gets old.

#4 – Nemean Crush

A staple in God of War 3, Nemean Crush was used to destroy enemies directly in front of Kratos. It does the same thing here. Kratos slams his Blades together, causing everyone in the line of sight to fly backward while also taking slight burn damage. A really versatile skill if enemies are crowded in front of you. An excellent alternative to this skill is the Tartarus Rage.

#3 – Atlas Eruption

Like the Atlas Quake in God of War 2, Kratos slams the Blades repeatedly on the ground, creating explosions around him. Repeatedly pressing R2  increases the number of slams resembling the Atlas Quake. This skill does high Burn and regular damage.

#2 – Tame the Beast

Beast Tamer Kratos is here! Kratos swings his Blades from left to right to scorch and Burn enemies around the Area of Effect of the Blades. A very important skill for crowd control and has a lesser cooldown time too. Repeatedly pressing the R2 button causes Kratos to create more swipes. An excellent all-around skill to have in any situation.

#1 – Meteoric Slam

With a large Area of Effect, Meteoric Slam inflicts Burn damage on each successful meteor hit. Plus, the initial slam does a lot of damage to enemies in front of you. This attack is the most useful when you are facing a horde of enemies in front of you. No wonder this Runic was so hard to obtain in God of War 2018.

This is our list! Would you change the order or place new attacks on it? Let us know in the comments below. There is an article regarding the best Blades of Chaos skills to get in the game below for you to check out.

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