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Jack Nicklaus Delights Patrons With Opening Masters Shot And His Hilarious Remark Following It

Kunal Singh

Jack Nicklaus

The Masters tournament has always been the most unique one among all the four golf majors. Thanks to its special traditions, fans always await the first major of the season. One of its traditional customs is performed by Honorary Starters Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and Gary Player.

Jack Nicklaus kickstarted the tournament for the 15th straight year at Augusta National. After getting off the fairways, the 84-year-old legendary golfer happily shouted, “I hit it!” Meanwhile, Gary Player, who also found the fairway, did his famous celebratory leg kick. Interestingly, all three honorary starters got off their ball into the fairway at the 88th edition of the Masters.

The Masters tournament started the customary practice of honorary starters hitting the first tee back in 1963. Jock Hutchison and Fred McLeod were the first two players to take up this mantle. Later on, over the years, many legends of the game such as Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Gene Sarazen, Ken Venturi, Arnold Palmer, and Lee Elder have hit the first tee shot at Augusta National.

Exploring Other Unique Masters Traditions And Customs

The prestigious major tournament was started way back in 1934 at the Augusta National Golf Club. It is now scheduled as the first major of the golf season. The tournament is often known for its years-long traditions. Some of them like the winner receiving a green jacket and the honorary starters kicking off the tournament are known to all. However, there are a few more which are followed each year in the spirit of the prestigious tournament.

No Cell Phones Allowed

Most of the golf tournaments see the spectators using their cell phones for clicking pictures. But at Augusta National, cell phones are banned. So, if somebody needs to make a call, well, there are payphones available for that at the venue.

Open To All Caddies

Before 1983, the Masters only allowed the players to use local caddies provided by the Augusta National Club. But once the players were allowed to bring their caddies, the bagman had to don a special Augusta Uniform – a white jumpsuit and a green hat.

The Par 3 Contest

Another unique tradition at the Masters Tournament is the Par 3 Contest. Before the first round of the tournament, a nine-hole par 3 course sees past champions and other participants competing in a friendly match on Wednesday. The players often have their families or loved ones on their side as caddies.

The Champions Dinner

The most coveted and loved tradition of all is the Champions Dinner. Before every edition of the tournament, the reigning champion organizes a dinner party and invites all the previous green jacket winners to indulge in the feast. The defending champion is allowed to decide the menu. The Champions Dinner is held on a Tuesday in the tournament week.

The Masters Tournament is truly a special golf major and this fact cannot be denied. That is one of the reasons why the players wish to win the tournament at least once in their careers.

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Kunal Singh

Kunal Singh


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