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‘We Got The Sand Shower’: Max Homa Reflects On Challenging Windy Conditions At Augusta National During The 2024 Masters

Alisha Kotadia

Max Homa

Max Homa had an amazing second round at the ongoing Masters tournament. He is currently sharing a three-way lead with Scottie Scheffler and Bryson DeChambeau after scoring a total of 6 under par. However, the Augusta Nationals golf course encountered windy conditions on days one and two which hindered gameplay, and made the American professional golfer comment on the same.

Homa, who had to finish his last five holes of round one on day two, shared how they ended their day with a sand shower. He even mentioned that the golf course itself seemed to be urging the players to leave, as his group had to wait a bit longer to finish their round.

Max Homa said (Golf Week):

“That was about as happy as you could be to be off of a golf course. That was so hard. We got the sand shower to end our day. So it was kind of even the golf course saying, ‘Get the hell out of here.’ Just being out in the wind for that long just got old. Even here, even at a place as amazing as this, you still — I was picturing my couch and the TV. Yeah, just wanted to be done. Just be inside. That’s all we were rooting for.”

Nevertheless, with all the challenges, as many as 60 golfers made the cut by the end of the second round. This also includes the 82-time PGA Tour winner, Tiger Woods, whose transition into the weekend was questioned by many owing to his health issues. It seems Woods’ intense training and focus, which included refraining from any se*ual activities, really helped him make the cut. Even Max Homa had an opinion on Woods’ decision. 

Max Homa Expresses Disbelief Regarding Reports Of Tiger Woods’ Refrainment From Se*

A few days before the start of the Masters, a close associate of Woods commented on how he was focusing on the first major of the season. According to his friend, Woods had even eliminated se* since he didn’t want any distractions to take place.

Tiger Woods’ friend also touched on the 48-year-old golfer’s dietary regimen. However, addressing the rumors regarding Woods’ supposed se* ban, Max Homa described them as merely speculative. He pointed out that these rumors lack any sourced confirmation and might seem odd, yet they serve as fodder for the media.

Max Homa further commented (via

“But, I’m not sure if Tiger’s got a friend close enough to him that would talk to the media if that were true. So I’m so confused by it.”

He added that you had to be pretty close to the golfer to know such personal stuff:

“I feel like some guy just asked somebody and said ”yeah clearly Tiger’s not having se* now ” like I don’t know how you get close enough to him to know that… and then if you did get close enough I’m pretty sure you’re usually quiet as a mouse. So it’s a weird story man but good for journalists.”

Nonetheless, it is important to note that Tiger Woods finished in the T22 position on the leaderboard. With two more rounds left to play, it remains to be seen how Woods and Homa both perform in the Masters and whether or not any of them can clinch the title.

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