“I gotta keep fighting to build the brand”: Lamar Odom Beats Down J-Lo’s Ex-Husband Ojani Noa In Celebrity Boxing Match

Joe Viju
|Published 03/10/2021

Lamar Odom defeated J-Lo’s Ex-husband Ojani Noa via decision for the Celebrity Boxing World Heavyweight Championship.

Lamar Odom has extended his undefeated exhibition boxing record to 2-0 after destroying Ojani Noa on Saturday to become the Celebrity Boxing World Heavyweight Champion in Miami, Florida.

Odom was initially supposed to face 54-year-old Riddick Bowe at the event, but the boxing legend was ultimately forced out of the contest. Stepping in for Bowe was  Ojani Noa, who was married to Jennifer Lopez from 1997 to 1998.

The 2x NBA champion previously had a bout this June, where he earned a second-round victory over singer Aaron Carter.

Odom revealed that he will continue boxing, by saying –

“I’m a part-owner in Celebrity Boxing, so I gotta keep fighting to build the brand, I don’t see no problem with that, being a businessman.”

It seems like Odom will stay true to his word and continue boxing.

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How exactly did the fight between Lamar Odom and Ojani Noa go down?

Going into the fight, the former NBA star had a 9-inch height superiority over Ojani Noa. Once the fight began, Odom made sure to use his reach advantage against his opponent.

The former Lakers forward landed a flurry of jabs and power punches that got Noa wobbling in the third and final round. Lamar Odom went on to win a unanimous decision after three rounds and is now 2-0 in celebrity boxing.

Unlike Odom, Noa is new to the sporting world and has zero experience in boxing. And that was pretty evident.

The result was quite predictable. Both had bad technique and were gassing out . However, with Odom clearly being the bigger and better athlete, it was an easy win.

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Now, there is a sustained trend of celebrity boxing. As a result, there will always be new promotions joining in to ride that wave and try to make some money.

It seems like Lamar Odom also wants a bite of that pie.


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