“Appreciate the advice Champ!”: Warriors star Draymond Green mocks Stan Van Gundy after hilariously misinterpreting his reply on Twitter

Indu Dasari
|Published 20/11/2021

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green misunderstood Stan Van Gundy and started an unnecessary Twitter beef with the TNT Analyst. 


Warriors are off to a great start this season, sitting at the top position in the western conference. Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are leading their young core past title contenders, all without Klay Thompson and James Wiseman.

Draymond Green’s efforts may not reflect directly in the stat sheet but his playmaking and defence have been excellent so far. In addition, he does a great job of mentoring the rookies. However, the 2017 DOPY has questionable takes on Twitter.

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Draymond Green embarrasses himself on Twitter after misunderstanding Van Gundy’s reply

The Twitter interaction between Draymond Green and Stan Van Gundy was regarding a funny quote by San Antonio Spurs Head coach Gregg Popovich.

Coach Pop is revered as one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. He led the Spurs to playoffs for 22 consecutive years tying the NBA record. When asked by a San Antonio Express-News reporter about his coaching success he replied, “Keys to success? Draft Tim Duncan. After that, stay alive.”

His humour and humble nature are well appreciated in the NBA community. A few days back, he was seen coaching the opponent team which left the fans in shambles. Golden State’s power forward Draymond green retweeted the quote by coach Pop, to which Van Gundy replied with “humility”. 

Green mistook it to be a dig towards him by the former Pelicans head coach. Draymond did not hold back and mocked Van Gundy by saying “Appreciate the advice Champ”. He was clearly trying to start something that wasn’t even there. The TNT analyst even made an attempt to clear the air by specifically telling Green it was not directed towards him.

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