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“LeBron James has a signature shoe worth $100K, LITERALLY made of gold and diamonds!”: When Lakers superstar celebrated had INSANE celebration for scoring achievement

Arun Sharma

"LeBron James has a signature shoe worth $100K, LITERALLY made of gold and diamonds!": When Lakers superstar celebrated had INSANE celebration for scoring achievement

LeBron James is one of the most decorated athletes of all time – only right his feet be dressed up too!

LeBron James is a billionaire athlete – any spending seems trivial when considering his net worth increases by the second. He’s set up for many lifetimes, and so are his kids. Being worth that kind of money comes with its perks – luxury items seem easy to buy. And when it comes to making purchases to commemorate an incredible achievement, it comes easy.

Bron wanted to celebrate being the youngest to break the 30k points barrier in 2018. In true LeBron fashion, he decided to get a golden sneaker. Not just golden paint made with gold fiber and everything. The sneaker was so ostentatious, that he had it encrusted in diamonds, gold aglets, and everything

He had the best leather, the best craftsmanship, and the best story behind his shoe. It wasn’t meant to be worn, but more as an art piece. The LeBron 15 was not a great shoe, but this one, just maybe the cherry on the cake.

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LeBron James knows a thing or two about splurging – whether it be custom Lamborghinis or 300k diamond rings, he’s done it all

He also got a matching 30-inch 18 karat solid gold Franco chain, cut with 10 carats of genuine diamonds, supporting a one-of-one lion head pendant made out of 27 grams of 18 karats solid gold and elevated with 238 diamonds, each of VS/VVS clarity with E/F color, for a total of 2.32 carats. This was to go with the gold sneaker.

A billion dollars isn’t worth anything if you don’t spend it – LeBron knows it the best. But he isn’t just about bling, cars, and mansions, he also is about investments. The lifestyle you see is all making sold investments – he makes it his number one priority to make money before spending money.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James have two things in common – striving for greatness and living life king size while doing it.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


Arun Sharma is an NBA Editor at The SportsRush. A double degree holder and a digital marketer by trade, Arun has always been a sports buff. He fell in love with the sport of basketball at a young age and has been a Lakers fan since 2006. What started as a Kobe Bryant obsession slowly turned into a lifelong connection with the purple and gold. Arun has been an ardent subscriber to the Mamba mentality and has shed tears for a celebrity death only once in his life. He believes January 26, 2020, was the turning point in the passage of time because Kobe was the glue holding things together. From just a Lakers bandwagoner to a basketball fanatic, Arun has spent 16 long years growing up along with the league. He thinks Stephen Curry has ruined basketball forever, and the mid-range game is a sight to behold. Sharma also has many opinions about football (not the American kind), F1, MotoGP, tennis, and cricket.

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