“Ben Simmons gets my vote, not LeBron James”: Kevin Hart jokingly chose the Sixers point guard over Lakers’ superstar to be the best player in the NBA

Akash Murty
|Published October 31, 2021

The Ben Simmons and Sixers saga has run for so long that we are forgetting how the Sixers star was not only one of the best players in the league.

While he took part in the Sixers’ shoot-around before Thursday’s game against the Detroit Pistons, Ben Simmons is still not “mentally ready” to play a game.

Before the Pistons game 76ers went 2-2 in Simmons’ absence from the team, after his sighting at the practice, Sixers won both their games in the home against the Pistons and then the Hawks on Saturday, when again the Australian guard was present during the shootaround. Not saying that his presence is bringing the Ws for the Sixers but it sure doesn’t create a tumultuous scene, which his absence surely creates.

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The 6’10 point guard, just a year or two ago was one of the league’s best talent on both sides of the court but is now barely seen as a lucrative trade option to any team in the league. But let’s go back to the time when he was a phenomenal player and was loved by the city of Philadelphia and its people.

Kevin Hart jokingly said that Ben Simmons was the best player in the NBA over LeBron James

Kevin Hart is one of the biggest Philadelphia buffs, you name the sport, he is a fan of all Philadelphia teams. He is always seen in celebrity seats supporting his Philadelphia-based team, sometimes even getting in trouble.

The stand-up comedian might never be the tallest person in the room he is in, but he sure is the loudest and funniest. He has often shown admiration for the Philly point guard.

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In 2019 the Philadelphia native called Ben on his show, “Cold as Balls” on LOL Network, where they talked about the various subjects mostly centered around humor. They talked about the time when LeBron James was about to leave Cleveland and was considering Sixers as one of his landing spots but instead chose to go to the Lakers.

When Ben was saying how King James was still the best player in the league at the time, Kevin responded hilariously,

“Bunch of bulls**t. That’s a bunch of bulls**t, if you ask me,” Hart said. “Ben Simmons gets my vote every day of the week. And it’s not because you’re in Philadelphia.”

Obviously, Hart says it because Ben is playing in Philly, and Ben also acknowledges the pun by laughing it off.

While LeBron went on to win the Championship with the Lakers in 2020, Philadelphia struggled in the playoffs after finishing their regular season well in the last few seasons and Ben Simmons was largely at fault for it last year. Since then it has been tough for him and Philadelphia management to find him a new home. Both are still looking for a solution.

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It seems like a very long time when we last saw a smiling Ben Simmons face, and it doesn’t look like we are going to see it in near future. Not until he settles it with Daryl Morey and the Sixers management.

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