“Doesn’t Stephen Curry losing feel like getting punched in the gut?”: When a Rockets’ fan decided to heckle a pregnant Ayesha Curry in front of Dell Curry after Game 5 of the WCF in Houston

Raahib Singh
|Published January 25, 2022

When a rowdy Rockets’ fan decided to heckle a pregnant Ayesha Curry after Game 5 of the 2018 WCF in front of Dell Curry

The Golden State Warriors changed the league back in 2016 when they added Kevin Durant to their championship roster. From that point onwards, for the next few years, every roster assembled was built to take the Dubs down. In KD’s 3 year run with the Warriors, there was only one team that came close to taking them down. The 2018 Houston Rockets.

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Back in 2018, Stephen Curry was not only looking to win the NBA championship but was also expecting a third child with Ayesha Curry. During the Western Conference Finals, Ayesha and the rest of the Curry family traveled with the team. They the games, even the ones at Houston. The Rockets took down the Warriors in a 98-94 close encounter all evening. After the game, a fan was reported to be heckling Ayesha, and he reportedly bumped against her belly.

“This is America”: Ayesha Curry was furious after her incident in Houston

The series between the Rockets and the Warriors was one for the ages. The Rockets, led by James Harden had managed to take the 3-2 lead over the Warriors, something no team had ever done since KD’s arrival to the bay. After Game 5, the series was headed back to Oakland. Outside the arena, while Ayesha Curry was leaving with her family, some Rockets fan decided to heckle and misbehave.

The fan first bumped into Ayesha, and then proceeded to make the ‘punch in the gut’ remark.

The fan recorded the interaction after bumping into her, and put it on his Twitter. Ayesha had reacted to the same, upon which the same was deleted.

Loading embed tweet https://twitter.com/ayeshacurry/status/1000050655397138432?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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As it could be seen in the video, Dell Curry barely contained his anger. The family was about to leave, but the fan made a remark and called Ayesha ‘rude’. Being rude to players is one thing, but fans should know better than to engage with families of the players.

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