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“Drake and Peyton Manning mentored me, and I’ll get Ayesha Curry up there too!”: Stephen Curry shares what all can we expect from him at the 2022 ESPYs

Raahib Singh

"Drake and Peyton Manning mentored me, and I'll get Ayesha Curry up there too!": Stephen Curry shares what all can we expect from him at the 2022 ESPYs

Warriors’ Stephen Curry sounds excited to get on the stage and host the 2022 ESPYs, hints at including Ayesha Curry too

The Golden State Warriors are back on top of the NBA world. Stephen Curry picked up the pieces and superglued them together. He led a team that people barely expected to get to the playoffs to the NBA Finals and won them their 4th championship in eight seasons.

With the much coveted Finals MVP finally with Steph, he’s moved on and set his sights on newer things. The first of which would be hosting the ESPYs being held on the 20th.

Steph would be the first NBA player since LeBron James in 2007 to host the ESPYs. It is a whole new experience for him, and as he’s mentioned it before, he’s stepping outside his ‘comfort zone’ for the same.

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Along with playing the host, Steph is also nominated for three awards: best men’s athlete, best record-breaking performance, and best NBA player.

Stephen Curry hints at involving Ayesha Curry in his skits as a host

Steph says he’s new to hosting and is nervous about the same. Thankfully, he has multiple celebrities to help and guide him. Talking about the same, he said,

“When it comes to the hosting gig, obviously I’m nervous and excited. I don’t really know what to expect. I actually tapped into Drake and Peyton Manning on what it’s like but I think once I get out there, I’m just going to have fun. I’ll be prepared, I’m looking for the opportunity to be on that stage. I’ve been there many times but I want to see the other side of what hosting is like.”

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With his mentors by his side, and Ayesha being added into the mix, it sure would be a fun evening.

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Raahib Singh

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