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Former 6’1″ NBA Champ takes subtle shots at Michael Jordan

Advait Jajodia
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Jason Williams states that Michael Jordan wouldn’t win any of his 6 rings without the help of Scottie Pippen.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player we’ve ever seen. The Chicago Bulls leader was able to win all the silverware possible, however, has always been criticized for not winning a title without the help of Scottie Pippen.

Only after the Bulls drafted Pip back in 1987, was Mike able to lead the Illinois-based franchise to their 6 championships.

Recently, former NBA champ Jason Williams spoke about this same topic and subtly dissed “His Airness”. In an appearance on “The Jason Williams Show”, the former 6-foot-1 pass-first guard said:

“I just look at you as a player, like you know I look at you Shaq, I watch your highlights, you can freaking hoop. I mean, I don’t really look at championships’ rings like that. Because Jordan don’t get those rings without Pippen and Pippen don’t get the rings without Jordan… It takes a team.”

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Jason Williams picks LeBron James over Michael Jordan as his GOAT

Williams, who has selected LeBron James previously, further took some shots at the Bulls legend while selecting his pick for the GOAT debate. Saying that he liked LBJ as a player better than Air Jordan, “White Chocolate” further said:

“I’m picking LeBron. Bro, I mean, I’m never going to change. … I’m not a big stat guy. I mean, I think it matters a little bit, but I just look at you as a player…I like the way LeBron plays the game as a team guy, more so than MJ did… But if I need a win tonight or I need a bucket right now, I’m taking MJ. But as a player, I’m taking LeBron.”

Now, of course, Jason Williams doesn’t have any bad blood against Jordan that we know of. These were just some of his opinions that could possibly hurt a few MJ fans.

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