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Heat Legend Declares Knicks Fans Obnoxious for Their Antics

Prateek Singh

Heat Legend Declares Knicks Fans Obnoxious for Their Antics

The world of sports, franchise or national, is run by fans’ enthusiasm. In the NBA, there are some of the best fan bases in the world. However, in an adrenaline-driven event, sometimes these fans blow things out of proportion. On a recent episode of ‘The OGs’ podcast, Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem talked about the New York Knicks fans and their obnoxious nature.

The notorious Knicks fans are about to witness a highly anticipated Game 7 of the Conference Semifinals between the Indiana Pacers and the home team in Madison Square Garden. Wondering about the possibilities, the 43-year-old said,

“As much as I think New York’s gonna win that series, their fans are obnoxious as hell.”

Even though he has complete faith in the Knicks to win the series, Haslem is not fond of what their fans represent. As per him, their biggest problem is that they are a little out of touch with reality, especially because of how they celebrate. UD said,

“You would have thought that the first round was the championship like they already got the title when they beat Philly. I was like damn where the trophy like they popping champagne? For real?”

To keep it fair for the Knicks fans, they have not won a trophy in over half a century and the last time they won a conference title was in 1999. So, it’s not really outrageous that they celebrated clearing the first round by beating the 76ers after being doubted by a majority. However, UD is not the only one who doesn’t like the Knicks fans because Hunter Brody isn’t fond of them either.

Hunter Brody labels the Knicks fans as “clueless”

In a 58-second clip uploaded on the ‘Brodes Media’ YouTube Channel, Hunter Brody can be heard on a long rant about why the Knicks fans are the absolute worst in the league. Some of the refs’ controversial decisions marred the first-round playoff series between the 76ers and the Knicks amid some serious foul troubles.

Referencing them, the Philadelphia loyalist added that the NY fans would justify whatever Jalen Brunson does on the court but would cry over Joel Embiid’s smallest errors.

He said,

“They’re clueless, they know nothing. They just act stupid is what they do. I mean, they act so dumb in the street, they don’t know how to act. I mean they are so out of touch with playoffs that they don’t even know how to act.”

If the Knicks fans really rattled so many people after the first-round win, we can’t wait to see what will happen if they end up clinching the semifinals against the Pacers.

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