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“Hey Serge, don’t ever test Klay Thompson and me like that ever again!”: Warriors’ Stephen Curry saves his Splash Brother from embarrassment by picking up a FaceTime call on Serge Ibaka’s show

Raahib Singh

"Hey Serge, don't ever test Klay Thompson and me like that ever again!": Warriors' Stephen Curry saves his Splash Brother from embarrassment by picking up a FaceTime call on Serge Ibaka's show

Warriors’ Stephen Curry saves his Splash Brother Klay Thompson from ridicule by picking up a random FaceTime call

Everyone who has watched the game of basketball for the last decade knows of the Splash Brothers. Considered one of the best backcourt duos in NBA History, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson completely changed the way basketball is played.

The duo hasn’t only revolutionized the game, but they’ve grown and won together as well. Steph was drafted by the Warriors in 2009, whereas Klay was drafted by the Dubs in 2011. Being together for more than a decade, the two have grown from fresh out of college players, to responsible adults contributing to the betterment of society.

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The duo has also had its share of success. Going to their first-ever NBA Finals in 2015, the Splash Brothers led the Dubs to their first championship in over 40 years. They’ve been to 5 Finals together, winning 3 rings in the process. Recently, Klay Thompson was on Serge Ibaka‘s show, where Ibaka questioned the bond the Splash Brothers shared.

Stephen Curry picks up a FaceTime from Klay Thompson, tells Serge Ibaka to never doubt their bond

On his show named ‘How Hungry Are You’, Serge Ibaka cooks various delicacies and serves them to his guests while interviewing them. For the most recent episode, he had Klay Thompson on. During the summer, Klay and Serge worked at the same gym for their rehab and would often get together. Klay was working on getting back from an Achilles injury, whereas Ibaka was recovering from a back injury.

On the show, Ibaka has a segment, where he makes the player FaceTime the person they’re closest to like he made DeMar DeRozan call Kyle Lowry. He asked Klay to FaceTime Steph, which Steph ended picking up. Klay was obviously very relieved, and happy to see his Splash Brother.

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At the end of that call, Steph has a message for Ibaka. He says, “Hey Serge, don’t ever question us like that ever again!”

The bond Steph and Klay share goes way beyond the basketball floor, and it would be foolish for someone to ever doubt the same.

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Raahib Singh

Raahib Singh


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