“How did Ja Morant hang in the air for so long with Devin Booker contesting?!”: The Grizzlies superstar effortlessly ‘out-clutched’ D-Book in Suns loss

Samir Mehdi
|Published December 28, 2021

Ja Morant hits the game-winning lay-up over Devin Booker after the latter had just hit an incredible shot to put the Suns up by 1. 

Seems as though leaving 5 seconds on the clock is leaving a bit too much time for Ja Morant to get to work. The Memphis Grizzlies waltzed into Phoenix to face off against the Suns and for 3 quarters, controlled the tempo/ pace of the game. They even led the defending Western Conference Champions by 18 at one point. 

The Suns were within 3 points on four separate occasions during this game and with merely 5 second left on the clock, Devin Booker drained a 3 off a screen on the right wing, moving towards the top of the key. The 26 footer seemed to have been the dagger as Book put the Suns up 113-112 against the Grizzles.

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What transpired next can only be attributed to the fact that Ja Morant is an absolute savant at finishing at the rim, more so than the Suns not having DeAndre Ayton available for tonight. 

Ja Morant and his incredible hang-time over Devin Booker. 

After Devin Booker left merely 5 seconds on the clock for the Grizzlies to work with, the game-plan was simple for the latter: get the ball in Morant’s hands. And well, it paid off. 

Ja Morant drove in from the left wing and finished his contorting lay-up over 3 defenders, including the man who had just drained a supposed game-winning shot from well beyond the arc.

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Ja finished the game off with 33 points, 4 assists, 2 steals, all on 56% shooting from the field. He even knocked down 3-5 shots from beyond the arc. 

Desmond Bane also provided Ja Morant with some much needed support as him and the former ROTY are quickly emerging into the league’s best young back-court duo. Bane poured in 32 points on 6-11 shooting from beyond the arc to spoil Booker’s 30 point night. 

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