“I Love Joe Biden but he isn’t Fit to Run for President Again”: Charles Barkley’s Candid Confession on ‘Democratic’ and ‘Republican’ Factions of American Politics

Arun Sharma
|Published 18/11/2022

Chris Cuomo’s show featured Charles Barkley, a basketball legend turned TV broadcaster, and they had a stimulating discussion. In a passage involving both state and federal politics, Barkley was questioned about his opinions of the US president.

Although Chuck has known Joe Biden for “100 years” and loves him, he did not think Joe Biden enjoyed the popularity of an ‘Barack Obama’. The then-Vice President received attention for being the jovial, upbeat Vice President with a few idiosyncrasies, but he was not the one who made the majority of the decisions.

Barkley believes that the country hasn’t been all that fantastic during his rule, though. Furthermore, it only makes logical for the President to retire given his advanced age. The man is pushing 80 years old and, by all means, one of the most active 79-year-olds on the planet. But he has been caught with instruction sheets one too many times for him to be cognitive enough for a second term.

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Charles Barkley knows his stance and will always stand for what he believes is right

Charles Barkley has never been shy about voicing his opinions; the man has been lobbying for several years to add retired players to the 2K Games royalties scheme. He has been open about his views on politics within the game and the country in general. Barkley once announced he would run for governor of Alabama but backed out two years after his announcement.

He wants to do good for the people in his community but refuses to be beguiled by the fallacies promised to the common folk. He believes in walking the talk and not just making promises in the air. On “Coffee with Cal,” he opened up about how he felt both parties in the United States were full of “crap.” He went on to add that the Republicans only cared about the wealthy.

He also reiterated his position as a democrat who does not support folly. Chuck knows his viewpoints; he just doesn’t believe in the lies fed to the public.

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Should Politics and Basketball blur the lines that demarcate entertainment and power?

Comments about “shut up and dribble” float around each time a basketball player speaks about politics. LeBron James has been the one most affected by that, but people like Kyrie Irving have been entangled too, recently. Why do people view entertainers as only entertainers? Can they not have opinions, in the land of the free?

In a world that is looking to curb free speech, while some choose to abuse the privilege, a solid middle ground is needed. Someone who has his head screwed on right for certain aspects, like Charles Barkley is that middle ground. Bron may have been caught lying about a lot of things, but what Chuck does is actually necessary.

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