“I must’ve got hacked, I didn’t tell you that dawg”: Ja Morant hilariously exposes a fan for asking him for courtside tickets to Grizzlies games

Samir Mehdi
|Published 10/03/2022

Ja Morant tells a fan that he wasn’t the one who responded to him in his DMs when the fan asked for courtside tickets and Ja agreed. 

Ja Morant has become quite the sensation in the league this season. In merely his 3rd year in the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies point guard has broken franchise records while garnering praise from analysts and legends alike. Getting told by Shaquille O’Neal that he’s the best player in the league is something that can’t be shunned aside. 

The way Ja plays is reminiscent of so many players that have won people’s hearts in the past such as Allen Iverson and MVP Derrick Rose. On top of his electrifying play, Morant has made a name for himself as a someone who is kind to his fans, signing jerseys and taking pictures with these fans on the regular.

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Ja Morant is also extremely active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, opening up possibilities for him to further interact with his fans. While most of his interactions are quite noteworthy and wholesome, this particular one might’ve left a bad taste in this fan’s mouth. 

Ja Morant dismisses a fan’s DM to him. 

A user by the name of Embiid_prodzz on Twitter posted a screenshot on Twitter of a supposed conversation he had with Ja Morant on Instagram. The conversation was the user asking Morant for courtside tickets and the All-Star agreeing only if he reaches a certain number of likes.

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This is obviously extremely uncharacteristic of Morant and rightfully takes to his official account on Twitter to tell the user that his account was hacked because he certainly didn’t talk to him on Instagram. 

The replies on this fan’s tweet are of him having photoshopped the exchange and this is the most likely scenario that took place. Spreading misinformation on Twitter for attention in the NBA sphere isn’t new by any means as Balls*ck Sports has opened up a range of possibilities for accounts like this.

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