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“I need that award!”: Wolves’ Anthony Edwards responds to fans demanding award for his acting in LeBron James and Adam Sandler’s movie ‘Hustle’

Tonoy Sengupta

"I need that award!": Wolves' Anthony Edwards responds to fans demanding award for his acting in LeBron James and Adam Sandler's movie 'Hustle'

Wolves star Anthony Edwards reacts to fans calling for the man to receive an award in the LeBron James-produced movie, ‘Hustle’

Before we say anything else here, if you haven’t watched ‘Hustle’ yet, we highly recommend that you do.

Adam Sandler brought his A-game for this one. And frankly, there are many NBA players who were looking pretty darn good during this movie as well.

But, while there are many on this list, including Juancho Hernangomez, who play the lead character, ‘Bo Cruz’, there is absolutely no one in the movie that could even tough Anthony Edwards’s performance.

Acting in any capacity should be difficult for anyone who isn’t an acting star. But, this man made it seem like he’d been in the acting business for decades now. And because of it, countless fans have called for a prize of some sort as a reward. And well, let’s just say, the Ant-Man can’t seem to help but agree with it.

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Anthony Edwards responds rather directly to fans calling for him to get an award for his stupendous acting in ‘Hustle’

LeBron James may be a better basketball player. But, even if he was in this movie, there is absolutely no way he could’ve acted at Ant’s level during this movie.

Calling Edwards convincing couldn’t be far from the worst level of disservice to his performance imaginable. The man really made you despise him with every fiber of your being, despite you knowing that it was all just a fictional story.

Given the kind of person the Wolves star is, it was never a doubt that he knew just how good his performance was. So, as we said, when there was noise within the NBA community in his favor, the man didn’t waste any time dancing around the bush. Au contraire, he was rather curt with his answer.

Take a look at the Tweet below.

After seeing him act at this level, we’ve frankly become massive fans of the man in the profession. And frankly, we can’t wait watch him act once again, no matter when that may be.

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