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Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams thinks that scoring in the 90s, when Michael Jordan played was easier than it is today

Arun Sharma
|Thu Sep 22 2022

Jason Williams after retirement has been more salty caramel than white chocolate – his takes being worse with each passing one.

Jason Williams-a man who looked like he had an excellent career because of the creation of YouTube-thinks scoring was easier in the 80s and 90s. He considers it much more difficult to score in today’s era than in the past because of defenders who could guard against you anywhere.

Players like that do exist now, with Jrue Holiday and Colin Sexton being some of the hardest-working defenders in the league today. Most of Will’s highlights have been flashy passes from the elbow, from inside the paint to an open teammate. Is that what he defines as getting in the paint? Does scoring mean nothing now?

That being said, does J-Will have a Toblerone where his head should be? He thinks players like Brook Lopez would stop Michal Jordan from getting into the paint and scoring. Brook Lopez—that cleaner-looking brother of the two trees. Calling him a better rim protector than actual rim protectors in the 90s?

Did he forget that the man who gave him a consolidation championship, Shaquille O’Neal, played in the 90s? Oh, just the most dominant big man and rim protector to ever play? Or the big Nigerian who won two titles in the era of MJ, Hakeem Olajuwon? Are Lopez or Giannis better than these two? You may almost always wear one now, but stop capping, sir.

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Jason Williams may have been exciting in his heyday – now he’s just lukewarm chocolate fondue

Let’s break down Jason William’s best two seasons by overall stats and Jordan’s last two seasons in a Wizards uniform. For all the talk of “I’m getting into the paint no matter what”, the white chocolate took a whopping 11.4% and 14.6% of his shots from 0-3 feet. Even worse, only about 20% of his shots came from within the paint. He played more mid-range and long-range than Mike.

In comparison, Mike played in the paint in his last two seasons. More than 55% of his shots came from within 16 feet, and he was devastating with them. Shooting over Prime Shaq and Alonzo Mourning halfway through 80 must be some achievement, eh? Something J-Will has no idea how to feel.

For a guy who was almost destined to be stuck in Sacramento, Jason sure talks a lot. A man with two first names should not be so cocky, especially since the one ring he won came because of Dwyane Wade and Shaq. Jason thinks he’s the Lindt of the chocolate world–he’s nothing but a Cadbury white bar.

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