“Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Have Become the Ultimate Solo Act!”: Skip Bayless Trashes 6ft 10″ Nets Star About Latest Interview

Raahib Singh
|Published November 17, 2022

FS1 Analyst Skip Bayless goes after his ‘beloved’ Kevin Durant after his latest interview with Bleacher Report

The Brooklyn Nets are in a world of trouble right now. After an incredibly disappointing season start, the Nets had more troubles added to their plate because of Kyrie Irving. Shortly after Kyrie was suspended, the Nets went on a two-game winning streak. They fired Head Coach Steve Nash at the same time as well. Despite Kevin Durant having one of the best starts to the season, the Nets cannot capitalize on the same.

Since then, the Nets have had a 2-3 record and recently suffered a 153-121 bashing at the hands of the Sacramento Kings.

After the loss to the Kings, Kevin Durant’s interview with Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report came out.

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The interview has stirred up a lot of drama, as could be expected.

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Skip Bayless accuses Kevin Durant of being a ‘solo act’

Skip Bayless, as we all know, has often claimed Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet. However, not too long ago, he disagreed when KD called LeBron James a Top-2/Top-3 player All-Time. Now, with his latest interview, Skip claims it has become hard to defend the Nets’ star.

Talking about the same on Undisputed today, Skip claimed that KD’s comments were pathetic. From his talk about Trade talks, to Leadership, to their starting lineup, and the rings at Golden State. Skip could not find it in himself to defend KD for any of the comments.

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He even went as far as to call KD a solo act, just like his teammate Kyrie Irving.

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Shannon Sharpe calls KD a ‘walking contradiction’

Shannon Sharpe did not agree with a single statement Kevin Durant made in his entire interview. From talking about his coach, to his teammates, Sharpe called out KD on his sh*t. He talked about KD’s greatness and what is expected from him, and how KD is shying away from the same.

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How can Durant talk about leadership if he can’t even take ownership of his own team’s troubles? Shannon may have a solid point here.

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