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Kevin Garnett And Paul Pierce Reveal A ‘Surprise’ Kevin Durant Destination This Summer Aside From Stephen Curry’s Warriors

Advait Jajodia

Kevin Garnett And Paul Pierce Reveal A 'Surprise' Kevin Durant Destination This Summer Aside From Stephen Curry's Warriors

Following yet another early playoff exit, many people are dubbing Kevin Durant’s move to the Phoenix Suns a failure. Apart from the subpar performance Frank Vogel’s boys had this campaign, the rumors surrounding KD not being satisfied with his role have led to conversations about the latter potentially jumping ships once again. Amidst this, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are all but certain that the superstar will join one of just two franchises next – the Golden State Warriors or the New York Knicks.

On the latest episode of KG: Certified, the former Celtics duo had an in-depth discussion about the next potential destination for Kevin Durant if he does part ways with the Arizona side. Pierce kickstarted the conversation by claiming that the future Hall-Of-Famer could reunite with Stephen Curry by heading back to play for the Golden State Warriors.

‘The Truth’ believed that the move to San Francisco wouldn’t hurt his legacy this time. Unlike 2016, when KD infamously joined the star-studded GSW, Steve Kerr’s boys aren’t a powerhouse franchise anymore.

One area of concern is that this acquisition will likely come at the cost of Jonathan Kuminga. But the Celtics legend believed that the Warriors would see a significant improvement in the win column.

“He ain’t doing nothing to hurt his legacy, but he has to make a decision on how or where he can go to help elevate it even more I think. Go back to Golden State… They won 46 games this year. You add KD, you gonna win about 54. You have to give up Kuminga though… Mortgaging the future for the now,” Pierce said.

The New York Knicks was one more destination that the two highlighted. Despite Pierce being concerned about the Slim Reaper fitting with Jalen Brunson and co., Garnett seemed to be confident about the move and was excited thinking of Durant playing for a big market team in the Eastern Conference once again.

“I also can see him in New York… I just don’t know if he fits that personality,” Pierce said.

“I would like to see KD in the East. I think the West is too thick, there’s too much going on out there. Him back in New York, I think would just give New York another level. If KD hits the Knicks…,” Garnett exclaimed.

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The former teammates seemed to be almost a bit too excited about KD’s potential move to either of the two franchises. But, even if Durant were to cut ties with the Suns, joining the Warriors or the Knicks doesn’t seem like a possibility given his history.

Kevin Durant ended his stint with the Bay Area side on a sour note. Even though he has since buried the hatchet with Draymond Green, KD did have numerous run-ins with his former teammate. Additionally, while he was used as the #1 option by Steve Kerr, Durant simply didn’t feel like he was “one of those guys”, per Sporting News.

And why not the Knicks? Kevin Durant was rumored to join the Knicks along with Kyrie Irving in the 2019 offseason. However, the two chose to join the other New York team instead – the Brooklyn Nets. At the time, the Knicks were a lottery-bound team. But now, with the All-Star duo of Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, it seems highly likely that the front office remembers the betrayal from five years ago and will not make any move to pursue the two-time Finals MVP. However, it is worth noting that a move to the Knicks is much more realistic than the 6ft 11” forward joining the Golden State all over again.

However, before all of that ever happens, ‘The Slim Reaper’ needs to decide to part ways with Phoenix first. Yet, there has been no official indication that the superstar intends to do the same. So, why is it already being treated as a foregone conclusion?

Why do people believe that Kevin Durant could part ways with the Phoenix Suns?

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as the Phoenix Suns were swept in the first round of the postseason, reports of Kevin Durant not being content with the team’s offense and his role flooded social media. Apparently, KD was not “comfortable” when on the hardwood, per The Athletic.

Durant’s dissatisfaction only makes sense. With the two shooting guards – Devin Booker and Bradley Beal – on the floor, the team didn’t have any space to use a traditional, play-making point guard on the lineup. According to multiple reports, Durant was also frustrated after he was often shoved to the corner on multiple plays.

That said, despite the extremely subpar results procured by the team, owner Mat Ishbia announced to the media that he believed the team was in a “great position”.

The owner’s nonchalant attitude towards the team’s struggles may motivate Kevin Durant to leave the Phoenix Suns after a short one-and-a-half-season stint. Really, at this point, anything could happen.

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