“Klay Thompson really doesn’t have Ray Allen and Reggie Miller on the list”: When the Warriors star named himself, Stephen Curry, Dirk Nowitzki on his Mt. Rushmore of shooters

Advait Jajodia
|Published June 07, 2022

During the 2017 All-Star Weekend, Klay Thompson revealed the 4 players on his Mt. Rushmore of three-point shooters.

Players like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have truly transformed modern basketball. It is majorly because of the Warriors’ backcourt that the league has become more fast-paced, and why teams have been tossing up more threes than ever.

Truly, Klay is one of the most excellent marksmen in the history of the NBA. Mastering the art of shooting the rock accurately, most of the three-point records either belong to him or his Splash Brother.

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With 1,912 shots made from beyond the arch in the regular season, and 435 (#2 all-time) 3pt FGM in the postseason, we can easily add Thompson’s name among the best long-distance shooters ever. And while naming the four players on his Mt. Rushmore of three-point shooters, Thompson decided to give himself some validation.

Klay Thompson left out Reggie Miller and Ray Allen from his Mt. Rushmore of 3-point shooters

Back in 2017, during the All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, Thompson was asked to name the players on his Mt. Rushmore of 3-point shooters.

Without any hesitation, he decided to add Steph and himself to the list. After giving it quite a thought, he further showed love to Kyle Korver and Dirk Nowitzki by naming them as well.

While it is beautiful to see Klay give respect to Korver and Dirk, it is very uncommon to see a list of the best 3-point shooters without the inclusion of Reggie Miller as well as Ray Allen.

Throughout the span of his career, Nowitzki knocked down 1,982 3-pointers, which is highly impressive from a big man. However, credits have to be given where due. Miller (#4 on the all-time list with 2,560) and Allen  (#2 on the all-time list with 2,973), both have more three-pointers made with better efficiency than the Mavs legend.

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Without a doubt, Klay’s Mt. Rushmore of shooters has to be one of the most unorthodox, yet absurd list we have seen.

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