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‘LeBron James should have taken last shot’: Skip Bayless explains why Lakers’ Danny Green was the wrong option

Raahib Singh
|Sat Oct 10 2020

Skip Bayless has a lot to say as the Lakers fell short 111-108 to the Heat. He felt LeBron James should have taken the last shot.

Skip Bayless hasn’t been the biggest LeBron supporter, but tonight even Skip appreciated LeBron’s efforts. The Lakers broke out their Mamba Jerseys for Game 5, in the hope that they win the championship in a grand style.

Jimmy Butler and the Heat had different plans. Even before the game, Jimmy did mention ‘ain’t nobody going home’.  Jimmy Butler came out strong, 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. Duncan Robinson also showed up big tonight, scoring 26 big points.

The Heat had a lead for the majority of the game, till KCP shot a 3 and gave the Lakers a 1 point advantage in the 4th. Since then, there were 7 lead changes in the final 3 minutes of the game. The game ultimately was sealed by Danny Green missing an open 3.

“LeBron should have powered through Jimmy Butler: Skip Bayless

The Lakers lost their first-ever game in the Mamba jerseys tonight. Until now, they were 4-0 in the Kobe tribute jerseys, but tonight the Lakers faced a desperate Heat team.

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The Heat came storming out of the gates, and so did LeBron James. LeBron James finished the night with 40 points, 13 rebounds, and 7 assists. The Lakers still fell short tonight, and Skip did not miss a chance to comment on it.

Skip was also of the opinion that LeBron James should have powered through Jimmy Butler and should have taken the last shot by himself. He felt LeBron would have drawn a foul and could have more or less sealed the game. However, he went for  the ‘right play’ and it just didn’t happen for the Lakers.

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Game 5 of NBA Finals went right down to the wire

Game 5 was probably the best game in the entire playoffs this year. The game was toe to toe till the last second, and had 7 lead changes in the last 3 minutes. Jimmy Butler had 4 clutch free throws within the last minute, and Tyler Herro hit the last 2 free throws to seal the game for the Heat.

The game had a changing moment for Jimmy Butler, and that was when Dwight Howard entangled him, leading to a double tech. Jimmy wasn’t the same after that, elevating his game to a higher level, and the results are in front of us.

It wasn’t all Heat all game though. The Lakers at one point cut the 11 point Heat lead and took a small 3 point lead of their own. Anthony Davis had 28 points to complement LeBron’s 40, but he suffered an ankle injury which can be scary for the Lakers and their fans.

Hopefully Game 6 would carry over the competitive energy of this game. Game 6 takes place on Sunday, at 7.30 PM ET.

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