NBA starting lineups tonight: Is LeBron James playing tonight vs Atlanta Hawks?? Los Angeles Lakers release knee injury report

Arun Sharma
|Published 30/01/2022

LeBron James being listed as day to day along with Anthony Davis is a glimmer of hope for the Lakers faithful.

LeBron James missed two straight games in the mini away game run. But it looks like he would be missing a third straight against the Atlanta Hawks. He definitely needs the rest, because he has been putting the team on his back for the whole season. He’s been listed as day to day, but he will definitely not be playing against the Hawks.

King James injured his knee against the Brooklyn Nets, and although he finished the game, he did not play against Philadelphia and Charlotte. They ended up losing both games, although Westbrook had the best game in a Lakers uniform against the Hornets. This did not however stop them from dropping 2 games below .500.

Anthony Davis looks to be back the next game, and hopefully can arrest the slide down the losing column. Atlanta seems to be playing the best basketball of their season, currently on a 6 game winning run. Trae Young  and Kevin Huerter seem to be leading the charge, climbing up the conference ranking slowly but steadily.

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LeBron James has been carrying this Lakers roster this season – an injury was bound to happen sooner or later

For almost 2 months, there was no player on the Lakers roster or the NBA performing like LeBron James was. 30 points seemed like nothing to him, hitting it every game. He was the offense, defense and the main player motivating the rest of the team. There was no one able to play to the level demanded of them though, meaning they ended up having a losing record in that time.

The only person who could match that level of performance was Malik Monk, but two people cannot beat an opposition of 5. At the age of 37, not much load should be put on the man, but a lot has been expected out of him. King James has not disappointed too, but the terrible Lakers record means that he cannot be the front runner in the conversation of the MVP.

Whatever said and done, the only three people who can have their head held high are LeBron James, Malik Monk and Carmelo Anthony. Everybody else have been disappointing at best, and seriously underwhelming. Trevor Ariza has been stealing a living this season, playing out multiple games with a solitary rebound to show in the stat sheet.

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