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New York Knicks is worth $5.8 billion, ahead of LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s teams 

Jeet Pukhrambam

As per Forbes, the struggling franchise of New York Knicks is the most valuable in the NBA. No room for LeBron James or Stephen Curry’s teams!

As per Forbes, the struggling franchise of New York Knicks is the most valuable in the NBA. No room for LeBron James or Stephen Curry’s teams!

Yes, you read that absolutely correctly, New York Knicks are the most valuable franchise in the NBA, ahead of several other teams like the Lakers and Warriors. 

It is a bewildering thing to see that a Franchise that has not even made the playoffs the last year is still the most valuable team in the NBA. The Knicks also haven’t made it to the NBA finals since 1999. 

Like an old worn out building, whose only charm is nostalgia, the Knicks don’t have much to offer. Gone are the days when they were a formidable powerhouse. Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire lighting up the garden feels like ancient history. And it probably should. 

The last glimpse of hope was seen during the 2020-21 season when Julius Randle and a sophomore, RJ Barett led the team to the playoffs. They were promptly sent home by Trae Young and the Hawks. 

The lure of a big city like New York is perhaps what is keeping the prices propped up. It is almost a surprise to see the value of the Knicks has not dropped, despite a string of abject failures. 

But what about the rest of the NBA? Where are the Lakers? The Warriors?

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LeBron James’ Lakers and Stephen Curry’s Warriors trail closely behind the Knicks in valuation 

Well, the good news is that the Warriors and Lakers are not too far behind. While the Knicks sit atop the perch with a whopping $5.8 billion, the Lakers and Warriors are tied at $5.6 billion apiece. 

That will bring about some sentiment of relief to California basketball fans. After all the state is known for hosting two of the most successful franchises in history, with Warriors’ ascent to the throne being relatively nascent.  

The value of NBA teams has skyrocketed in the last two decades and the trend is set to continue. The Knicks alone have appreciated over 78% in the last 5 years! 

With franchises like the Warriors and Lakers keeping hold of superstars like Stephen Curry and LeBron James respectively, their values are only likely to increase. 

Will one of these two teams knock the poverty-stricken Knicks off the top of the perch? Possibly, it’s all to play for this season! Stay tuned to this space for more stories on the NBA. 

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