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“P Thinking About Coming Back”: Kevin Garnett Has Paul Pierce Break Down His Time in China After Dropping 25 Points

Trikansh Kher

"P Thinking About Coming Back": Kevin Garnett Has Paul Pierce Break Down His Time in China After Dropping 25 Points

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have one of the most entertaining podcasts on the planet and they recently showed us why. Pierce, who was on the show after a while, recalled his trip to China during a segment of the show. The Celtics legend revealed to Garnett that he had played not one but two basketball games while in China. Garnett looked surprised and asked Pierce how much he averaged.

In response, Pierce confidently said, “Naah. I got 25 over there. I missed all my free throws. I went like 1 for 8…I was getting up and down the court though. I got a couple of fast break lays.” The 2008 NBA Champion then went on to detail how he was still beating defenders despite a clear deficit in physical conditioning.


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Taking the conversation further Garnett asked Paul Pierce if he could, in his current shape, play in the league. He added another layer to the question by asking his former Celtics teammate if he could give anything to Ty Lue as a player. Answering the question jokingly, Pierce said, “I could give him some advice…”

However, he soon approached the topic seriously, noting how he can still play in the NBA. Pierce listed out the things he could do, “I can get you the trail three. I could get you six rebounds for sure. I am stronger than a lot of these youngsters…” All this had KG believing in a potential return of the Truth. The Celtics great later shared a pic of the interaction on his Instagram stories with the caption, “Ok P thinking about coming back.

Pierce and Garnett would continue their conversation as the 10-time All-Star set realistic expectations for his return. Pierce let Garnett know that he couldn’t play more than 12 minutes( three minutes per quarter). The Boston legend also told his teammate that rebounding is all that he would be doing.

Paul Pierce on the Clippers’ current form

Pierce still seems to have some bad blood with the Clippers as he went after them during the recent episode. The Celtics legend hilariously told Garnett that the only thing he could offer Ty Lue and the Clippers was some “advice”.

Later in the episode, the NBA vet once again went after his former team, but this time after James Harden, the Clippers’ star point guard. Pierce, who was in the mood to dish out some advice, told Garnett, “I got something that can fix the Clippers.. if the Clippers hire Lil Baby as an assistant coach then they’re gonna go somewhere.” 

These shots from Paul Pierce must have stung Clippers fans badly. But regardless, these hilarious takes from the Truth sure is something we could get used to.

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