Cover Image for “Paolo Banchero, you tried to flex that #1 pick sh*t on ME??”: 6ft 4’ Dejounte Murray shows Magic’s 6-foot-10, 19-year old his place after a PRO-AM game

“Paolo Banchero, you tried to flex that #1 pick sh*t on ME??”: 6ft 4’ Dejounte Murray shows Magic’s 6-foot-10, 19-year old his place after a PRO-AM game

Akash Murty
|Mon Aug 08 2022

Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero have created a massive spark even before the season started to make Hawks vs. Magic games exciting.

Former San Antonio Spurs’ 6ft 4′ guard Dejounte Murray established himself as one of the best two-way players in the league last season averaging well over 21 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists, and 2 steals a game improving massively over his 2020-21 season.

The 25-year-old also got his first All-Star selection as a reward and after the season ended found himself in a better team which is more focused on “win now” and has a superstar point guard Trae Young to play with him in the backcourt.

The arguable best two-way guard of the league can’t wait for the season to start as he’s been a constant presence in PRO-AM leagues across the country since the start of the off-season.

But a recent game in Washington brought something wild out of the calm and cool Murray when the no.1 pick of this year’s draft matched up against him.

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Dejounte Murray destroys Paolo Banchero in a pro-am game and then on social media

Orlando’s 6’11″ Paolo Banchero and Murray first went at it against each other on the court during the Zeke-End pro-am basketball tournament in Washington on Sunday. And after it has been going back and forth on Instagram after the Atlanta Hawks star made the No. 1 overall pick look silly in the game and trash-talked him right then and there.


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The social media banter started right after Murray shared the video and Banchero claimed the Hawks star has unfollowed him after failing to guard him alone in the game.

Murray responded aggressively as well after getting the disrespect from the yet-to-be rookie 19-year-old.

This exchange has lit up social media and set us up for an incredible battle between Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic. Yeah, that certainly sounds off to the ears, but how the Magic have loaded up for the upcoming season, they will be fun to watch at the very least.

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