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Shaquille O’Neal ‘Called Out’ Adam Sandler for Picking $810 Billion Brand Over His $5,625,000 Partnership With Papa Johns in Anthony Edwards Starrer ‘Hustle’

Rishabh Bhatnagar

Shaquille O’Neal ‘Called Out’ Adam Sandler for Picking $810 Billion Brand Over His $5,625,000 Partnership With Papa Johns in Anthony Edwards Starrer ‘Hustle’

,Back in 2019, Shaquille O’Neal announced a $5,625,000 partnership with the Papa Johns restaurant chain. Speaking on the Big Podcast, around a year ago, Shaq had been joined by actor/comedian Adam Sandler, who made the appearance to promote his movie ‘Hustle’. The video was shared on YouTube by TNT. The movie starred multiple NBA stars such as O’Neal himself, Anthony Edwards, Kenny Smith, and Boban Marjanovic. The LA Lakers legend claimed that he had a problem with Sandler promoting the $810,000,000,000 Pizza Hut franchise in the movie over Papa Johns.

Shaq, apart from being a genius basketball player in his prime, is also a successful entrepreneur. His range of investments and success means that he generally does not miss a chance to promote the brands he is associated with. The same proved true during his episode.

Shaquille O’Neal once called out Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler was at the podcast to promote his movie Hustle. Shaq had already watched it, which might in part be due to the range of basketball stars in the cast. Regardless, he claimed that he had one simple problem with Hustle:

“You know what had me disgusted Adam. I am watching your movie, I’m like I know my boy Adam ain’t got no goddamn piece of the Hut. You could have called me Adam I would have gotten it right. I could have got you you know Papa Johns.”

Sandler immediately burst into laughter. However, the actor was unsure whether Papa Johns was present in Germany, where the shooting was taking place:

“You are right man but is Papa Johns in like, wasn’t I in Germany? Do you have Papa Johns all around the world?”

Shaq claimed that the restaurant franchise was indeed active in Germany as well. Sandler concluded by claiming that he would ensure his next movie was all about “Papa Johns.”

Sandler once pranked Shaq by making him do the kissing scene 50 times

Adam Sandler and Shaq have worked on multiple projects together. Knowing the kind of prankster Shaq is, it’s no surprise that his friend Sandler is one too. During the shooting of Hubie Halloween, Shaq was trolled hard by Adam during a kissing scene. Shaq narrated the same on his Big Podcast,

“The last Adam movie I did was called Hubie Halloween. And I had to do this scene where I’m eating this sandwich with this girl and French Kissing her at the same time. So Adam made me do it about 50 times. Cut Cut Cut. I looked back at Adam, like what the hell!… The girl that he had me kissing, she was kind of getting into it. I was like: ‘Hey lady, this is just for the movie. Adam cut!’”

Seems like Adam’s prank ended up making the lady very happy and trolling Shaq hilariously.

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