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“Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t have a security guard, that was his d*ck!”: When Adam Sandler tried to watch The Big Aristotle take shower to see his junk

Akash Murty

“Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t have a security guard, that was his d*ck!”: When Adam Sandler tried to watch The Big Aristotle take shower to see his junk

Shaquille O’Neal and Adam Sandler’s friendship goes back to a decade before when the comedy genius tried to sneak a peek at the NBA giant’s piece on the sets of Grown Ups 2.

Grown Ups assembled some of the greatest comedians of all time – Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Kevin James and put out a great movie in 2010.

In its sequel, they added Shaquille O’Neal to that incredible cast and set themselves up for even more fun in Grown Ups 2, which came out in 2013 in which the former Lakers superstar and TNT analyst played “Officer Fluzoo.”

Promoting that film on Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show, Adam Sandler shared a hilarious story about his mission to see Shaq’s pen*s after some cast and crew played basketball on the set.

“Shaq has to take a shower. So, everyone’s like alright, we’ll see you later, Shaq,” Sandler said.

For obvious reasons, like most people on the planet, Sandler wondered about the size of the 7’1 giant’s ding-dong and thought he had the best chance to sneak a peek when O’Neal was in the shower.

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Adam Sandler met the security guard of Shaquille O’Neal on his way, but as hilariously revealed by Shaq, it was his di*k, not a security guard!

On his way to something that could have scarred him for life or spoiled his s*xual life forever, Sandler met the 4x champ’s bodyguard before he could get very far.

“So I said … sorry … I was just trying to … see Shaq’s pen*s,” Sandler laughed. “I apologize and I’m outa here.” Then he begged the bodyguard, “Please don’t tell Shaq!”

But later Sandler himself admitted to O’Neal what he had tried and apologized about the security guard. The response he got from the former NBA superstar is the reason he was chosen for the movie, “I don’t have a security guard. That was my d*ck!”

That is also the reason Sandler and other comedians on the show admitted O’Neal to be the funniest man on the sets. That man never settles to be anything apart from being the best in any room.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


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