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Sparks’ Cameron Brink Admits to Having a ‘Finsta’ Much Akin to Kevin Durant’s Twitter Burner

Prateek Singh

Sparks’ Cameron Brink Admits to Having a ‘Finsta’ Much Akin to Kevin Durant’s Twitter Burner

A celebrity lifestyle can force people to spend their days inside a bubble. The bigger the name, the more restricted they are from being out in public and speaking their mind. One of the many ways they can find the thrill of leading a regular life is through disguise. In the age of social media, the disguise is virtual, often in the form of a fake or a burner account. Recently, Los Angeles Sparks’ newly recruited star Cameron Brink revealed that she also has a ‘Finsta’ or a fake Instagram account.

Brink and several other newly drafted WNBA stars were in conversation with veteran reporter Khristina Williams, where they answered several questions while playing a raid fire Jenga. Williams asked the second-overall Sparks pick if she ever had a fake Instagram account. The 22-year-old said, “Yes, and I still do. Can you find it? I don’t know.”

The fun game segment also included the Indiana Fever’s first overall pick Caitlin Clark revealing her basketball nicknames. She said, “Everybody calls me CC, it’s my initials. So, pretty simple.”

The fourth overall pick by the Sparks, Rickea Jackson, was asked if she’s a morning person or a night owl. She answered, “I am a night owl and it’s really bad.” While the other draftees got a simple question that they answered in one line, the Minnesota Lynx’s Alissa Pili was asked about her alternate career option. The 22-year-old said that she would’ve been a singer if she didn’t play basketball. She was immediately requested by Williams to sing something for the viewers. Pili soon sang the vocals for Alicia Keys’ 2003 hit ‘If I Ain’t Got You’.

Kevin Durant’s fake Twitter account

The basketball discourse on the Internet often gets out of control because there’s no limit to what a person can say anonymously. Most of the times, in these discussions, players receive a lot of hate and criticism. While there’s no real way to protect yourself from these attacks, Kevin Durant at least gave it a try back in 2017. The NBA star had a fake Twitter account which he used to defend his name anonymously.

However, KD must’ve forgotten to switch back to his fake account before responding to a tweet about him leaving the OKC Thunder. The two-time NBA Champion responded with his original account, “He didn’t like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan. His roster wasn’t that good, it was just him and Russ.” Now, if KD doesn’t like to address himself in third person, it’s pretty clear that he mistook his real account for a fake one. Despite being called out for the same, he never acknowledged the burner account.

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