“Stan Van Gundy, what a freaking ignorant thing to say!”: Enes Kanter calls out the former Pelicans coach for an insensitive tweet regarding women’s rights in Islam

Samir Mehdi
|Published 18/08/2021

Enes Kanter goes at Stan Van Gundy for saying that women’s rights within Islam is oxymoronic and says Stan needs to educate himself. 

The country of Afghanistan is in a state of peril at the moment as the extremist group known as the Taliban have occupied capital city of Kabul, causing the President himself to flew the nation for his own safety. Though Enes Kanter is of Turkish descent, he’s never been one to shy away from speaking out on anything he sees unfit within the Middle East. 

Kanter has notoriously been ousted from his own country with higher ups condemning his outspokenness about issues regarding the treatment of its citizens. Nevertheless, the Celtics big man continues to spread awareness about certain ideologies that plague the Islamic community; a noble act indeed.

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Enes Kanter stuck to his character, recently, when he got into a bit of a tiff with Stan Van Gundy on Twitter regarding a rather insensitive tweet that the latter put out in relation to the situation in Afghanistan. 

Stan Van Gundy gets checked by Enes Kanter on Twitter for an insensitive tweet. 

BBC World News tweeted out a statement that read, “Afghan women will have rights within Islamic law, Taliban says.” To this, Stan Van Gundy replied with, “Women having ‘rights within Islamic law’ seems oxymoronic.” This tweet by the former Magic bench boss has been deleted but Enes Kanter was able to reply to him before Stan could do so. 

“What a freaking ignorant thing to say! You running a basketball team seems oxymoronic. Now that you have lots of free time on your hands, you can undo your ignorance and educate yourself before you anything.” 

It turns out Van Gundy followed up on Enes Kanter’s advice and read a thread on Twitter, recommended to him by Mo Dakhil, that explained the rights women were granted within Islamic law. he would later reply to Dakhil and say that he did indeed educate himself on the matter.

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