“Stephen Curry, do whatever Tom Brady’s doing!”: Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob shares his hopes from the Chef, rest of the squad for the coming years

Raahib Singh
|Published January 11, 2022

Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob talks about Stephen Curry and how to elongate his time in the league, uses Tom Brady as an example

In the pro sports community, there was a time when players once they reach their mid-30s, were considered done for. However, all that has been changing in recent times. We have been seeing more and more players in different sports, play their best in their mid to late 30s. If you look in the NBA, LeBron James is 37 and is playing some of the best basketball of his life.

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In soccer, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are 36 and 34 years old respectively and are playing outstandingly. If you look at the NFL, you have the ultimate example in the form of Tom Brady. Brady is 44 years old and is in the best shape of his life. Stephen Curry, who turns 34 soon, has been receiving word from Joe Lacob regarding the same.

Joe Lacob tells Stephen Curry to do whatever Tom Brady has been doing

The success of the Golden State Warriors has always revolved around one player: Stephen Curry. Whenever Stephen Curry is doing well, the team has higher chances of succeeding, than when he is not. An early candidate for MVP, Steph started off the season playing some exceptional basketball. He’s been in a funk recently, but there is no doubt he’ll shake that off.

Joe Lacob, after the game last night, talked about Steph and how long does he have left.

“Well, Tom Brady’s 44 now. I tell Steph all the time, ‘Do whatever he does. Whatever he does, you do.’ I told him that,” Lacob said. “But who knows? The world is changing a lot and maybe I’m just being my usual optimist self. But I feel like Steph can play at a high level, and maybe Klay, too, for longer than most people would have done in the past. Those are skill guys. High-skill guys. So, I don’t know how long, but we all assume we’ve got two or three really great years with the core, and the great news about that is even if they did drop off, we think the young guys would have developed by then, which is our plan. But if they can continue to play at a high level, that’s even better. So maybe it’s more than three years.”

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Hopefully, Curry and Klay both follow Lacob’s advice and elongate their careers, so we can enjoy watching them play for as long as possible.

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