Cover Image for Stephen Curry ‘took it personal’ like Michael Jordan after Chris Paul’s pettiness before Game 6 of the 2019 Western Semifinals

Stephen Curry ‘took it personal’ like Michael Jordan after Chris Paul’s pettiness before Game 6 of the 2019 Western Semifinals

Raahib Singh
|Fri Aug 19 2022

Warriors’ Stephen Curry was kicked off the court by Chris Paul a night before Game 6, and this is how the Chef responded

The Golden State Warriors are back on top of the NBA. After ruling the latter half of the previous decade, the team took a massive tumble but rose straight back to the top after a 2-year drop. Stephen Curry led the charge and collected the ever elusive Finals MVP trophy on the way.

The Warriors won 3 championships from 2015 to 2019. During that time, they matched up against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals 4 times in a row. However, when people are asked about the most formidable opponents the Warriors faced during their dynasty, the one name that comes to mind is the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets were built to take down the Warriors, and they were the only team able to take the Kevin Durant-led Warriors to 7 games. However, all that ended in 2019, thanks to a petty move Chris Paul made.

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Stephen Curry took Chris Paul’s pettiness personally

In 2019, the Warriors were meeting the Rockets in the playoffs for the 4th time in 5 years. So far, the Rockets hadn’t gotten the better of the Warriors, and it didn’t look like this time was going to be any different.

The Warriors took an early 2-0 lead at home, before the Rockets evened it out in Houston. After taking a 3-2 lead at home, the Warriors were in Houston, trying to wrap the series up. A night before the game, Stephen Curry had the Warriors’ manager book the court to practice. However, Chris Paul heard of the same, came and started working out there. When Steph suggested splitting the court, CP3 denied, and Curry had to leave.

The next day, it looked like the strategy had worked, as Curry was scoreless in the first half. However, despite Steph scoring nothing, the scores were tied. Coming to the second half, Curry put on a display like never before. He dropped 33 points in the second half, shooting 9/15 from the field.

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The Warriors would go on to sweep the Blazers in the conference finals, before ultimately losing to the Raptors 4-2 in the Finals. The Rockets, on the other hand, never recovered from the same.

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