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“The Wilson Ball is not the same as the Spalding one… You’ll see a lot of bad misses this year”: Clippers’ Paul George opens up about the new official NBA Basketball

Raahib Singh

"The Wilson Ball is not the same as the Spalding one... You'll see a lot of bad misses this year": Clippers' Paul George opens up about the new official NBA Basketball

Clippers’ Paul George opens up about the new Wilson Basketball, explains how it’s different, and how it’s impacting the shooting

The NBA made a huge change in the offseason, as they changed their official game ball. Wilson, who used to supply the official basketball for the first 37 years of the NBA, are back in business. Spalding, who held the contract for the next 37 years, could not renew their current deal with the NBA.

There have been a lot of complaints and issues with the new Wilson basketball. The players in the league are accustomed to the touch and feel of the Spalding ball and are finding the conversion a little hard. This has resulted in a league-wide shooting slump.

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Last night, Clippers’ Paul George talked about the same, after they beat the Thunder at home.

Paul George talks about the new Wilson ball, and the adjustment

Paul George was asked about the new basketball after the game last night. He opened up and said,

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After having played so many seasons with one ball, adjusting to a new ball altogether is not easy. It would take some time, but the league would catch up and get used to it. However, the shooting is not an issue for Paul George personally. He has been spectacular, shooting 49% from the field, and 41% from the deep.

CJ McCollum, the president of the NBPA said that he would talk to the players about the ball. The review and feedback would then head to the NBA, who would discuss and make changes with Wilson, as needed.

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