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“Woke athletes like LeBron James put targets on innocent people’s lives”: MMA fighter Colby Covington blasts the King for his political stance

Indu Dasari

"Woke athletes like LeBron James put targets on innocent people's lives": MMA fighter Colby Covington blasts the King for his political stance

Colby Covington continues to slander 4x champion LeBron James for his political stands while the latter does not pay any heed to the MMA fighter. 

Former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington took yet another dig at LA Lakers superstar LeBron James. He has been critical of the king for over a year and it’s not surprising given his closeness to Donald Trump.

LeBron has been extremely vocal about police brutality especially in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. Several teams postponed games and used their platform to further the cause. James has always been about giving back to the African American community. His public outrage towards law enforcement last year got him and the NBA severe flack from the former president and several other politicians.

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Colby Covington calls LeBron James hypocritical

Covington uses every opportunity to call out the 4x MVP, almost as if he is obsessed with him. He never misses an opportunity to go on an extensive rant about LeBron’s hypocrisy in interviews and post-victory speeches.

It is the same thing every time, mocking LBJ’s ‘wokeness’ completely losing sight of what the latter is trying to do. He has a way of bringing up LeBron in every interview and the latter doesn’t pay him as much attention.

“God bless the first responders. God bless, you know, all our law enforcement officials who are protecting our country, keeping our communities safe and keeping the criminals off the streets. So, you know, it’s not an easy job.”

“They got targets on their back because woke athletes like Lebron James, who you know, just, you know, want to put targets on these innocent people’s lives, lives on their heads, you know. And these are the same people he calls to protect his family and give him private security. So, it just shows the hypocrisy.”

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Kevin Durant, Austin Rivers, and Kamaru Usman have spoken in LeBron’s defence in the past trolling Colby Covington’s obsession with the athlete.

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