“You’re Lucky I wasn’t Guarding you Tonight”: Tyrese Haliburton Recalls Patrick Beverley Talking Smack to him 

Nithin Joseph
|Published 20/11/2022

The Indiana Pacers made a great trade when they decided to bring Tyrese Haliburton onto their roster. The young guard has been fantastic for the franchise.

Haliburton has been key to what seems to be a rebuild in Indiana. One that is revolving around himself, Chris Duarte, and the Pacers’ latest pick Benedict Mathurin.

However, being such a young talent means that Tyrese still has to earn his stripes in the NBA. This is even despite putting in some great performances. As seen when he was trash-talked by Pat Bev last season.

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Patrick Beverley left Tyrese Haliburton bewildered with some unexpectedly confusing trash-talk

Certain players in the NBA are well-known for certain things. In the case of Patrick Beverley, it is his dog-like mentality and his incessant trash-talking.

Now, it is true that more often than not, Pat Bev gets it right with the jibes. However, sometimes he leaves his opponents utterly confused. Like, Tyrese Haliburton, who just couldn’t understand why Beverley was targeting him.

“We played the Timberwolves last year with one of my first games here with Indi. I think I had 25 and 15…I had a good game, and Ant guarded me. But, after the game, Pat Bev was barking, cause they won and I’m like, “What!”. He guarded Buddy and Buddy had like four points. He looked at me dead in my eyes and was like, “You’re lucky I wasn’t guarding you tonight, I would have locked that sh*t up!”, and I’m like, “What? We went four quarters. You could have switched in the second quarter…fourth quarter!”

An understandable reaction from Tyrese, who was left to think about it on his way back home. But, as he told JJ Redick on the Old Man and the Three, he only felt more confusion.

Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers are doing far better than expected this season

At the beginning of the season, many believed that this would be the start of a total rebuild by the Pacers. However, in a surprising turn of events, Indiana, with the help of Tyrese Haliburton and its young core finds itself in the top half of the East.

It will be interesting to see just how far the Pacers can go. They certainly are looking like a win-now team, and one for the future.

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