Cover Image for Aaron Rodgers claims victory over $4.18 billion franchise turned the Packers season around and made them contenders

Aaron Rodgers claims victory over $4.18 billion franchise turned the Packers season around and made them contenders

Jayanth Gorantla
|Mon Aug 08 2022

Aaron Rodgers revealed in an interview with ESPN that he credits the San Francisco 49ers for their season turnaround. 

The Green Bay Packers started their 2021 season with a disappointing loss against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints brought out a new starter at quarterback, Jameis Winston. Winston torched the Packers for 5 touchdowns for a 38-3 win.

Rodgers looked abysmal in the away opener as he was kept out of the endzone. There weren’t any positives to take away from the game for the Packers like Rodgers detailed.

In Week 2, the Packers hosted the Detroit Lions for their home opener. It was a routine stomping where the Packers once again proved that the are the dominant team.

The real test for Green Bay, however, came in the third week of the season. The Packers travelled to Santa Clara for their Sunday night matchup.

The 49ers were coming off an injury filled season where they did not live up to their potential. They were looking to rebound and make a run into the playoffs. Starting 2-0, they were on the right track but had to beat a worthy opponent before riding high.

San Francisco is valued at $4.18 billion as per statista. That makes them the sixth most valuable franchise in the league behind the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Rams, and the Washington Football Team.

The Packers were 1-1 and looking to take control of the NFC. The Packers, just 2 seasons ago, lost to the 49ers in horrible fashion in the NFC Championship Game.

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Aaron Rodgers’ incredible comeback against the 49ers sparked a 11-3 finish to the season

The Packers won the game against the 49ers in storybook fashion. The Packers jumped to a 17-0 lead which the 49ers cut to a 10 point deficit at halftime. Down 17-7, the 49ers were determined the rest of the way, leading 28-27 with 37 seconds remaining. With no timeouts for the Packers, everyone thought the Packers were about to be 1-2.

But Rodgers had something to say. With two quick completions to Davante Adams, the Packers marched down the field and into field goal range. It was a meltdown for the 49ers and miraculous play by the Packers.

Driving down the field in just 37 seconds with no timeouts gave the Packers confidence they were lacking until that point. Rodgers said, “It felt like in the locker room that we finally had the energy I’ve been waiting to see. It felt like a growth moment for us. It feels like, ‘OK, now we’re on our way.'”

However, the team that was the turning point for the Packers also sent them home in the playoffs. The 49ers beat the Packers in the NFC Divisional Round to the score of 13-10. Rodgers and the Packers offense was completely neutralized by the 49ers defense.

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