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Aaron Rodgers made Charles Barkley donate $25,000 to charity after destroying him in golf

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Aaron Rodgers is willing to take on anybody, and he took it straight to Charles Barkley with a golfing bet that won him $25,000 for a charitable donation.

The Packers quarterback regularly spends time golfing during the offseason, competing in various competitions and matches to keep up with his hobbies outside of football.

Earlier this year, Rodgers teamed up with Tom Brady to beat Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes in the annual version of Capital One’s Match.

He also competed in the ACC championship alongside other big names like Stephen Curry. Rodgers also found time to compete in Lake Tahoe in a celebrity golf tournament where he got into a bet with Charles Barkley.

The terms of the bet had been set up before the Lake Tahoe bout. During The Match, Chuck served as a commentator for the game, and he took some shots against the Packers quarterback.

“If you were like a plumber, it wouldn’t work,” Barkley said in regards to Aaron Rodgers’ man bun. “I mean, you are Aaron Rodgers, so you can get away with stuff.”

Rodgers didn’t back down and laid down a challenge. “If you beat me at Tahoe, I’ll let you chop off my man bun,” the Packers QB responded in emphatic fashion.

Aaron Rodgers has a net worth of $200 million while Charles Barkley has a net worth of $50 million.

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Aaron Rodgers forced Charles Barkley to pay $25,000 to charity after destroying him

With Rodgers laying down his man bun as collateral, Chuck decided to put down $25,000 of his money as the reward for beating him. The $25,000 would go towards a charity of Rodgers’ choice.

Rodgers saw this as no challenge. After all, he’s the superior golfer. In the 2021 ACC tournament Rodgers finished 23rd while Chuck only finished 76th.

Rodgers managed to top his performance this year to destroy Charles Barkley and take the $25,000 away from him for a charitable donation.

Rodgers finished 9th while Chuck finished 74th overall, 75 points behind the Packers quarterback. The money ended up going to North Valley Community Foundation, a charity located in Rodgers’ hometown of Chico, California.

Rodgers was also very close to winning the whole tournament as Tony Romo won with a score just 12 points above him. Overall, the tournament was a resounding success for Rodgers. He didn’t have to give up his man bun, and he even ended up making a nice donation.

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