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Antonio Brown Albany Empire Controversy Explained: Did the Notorious NFL Star Fool the Entire Football Fraternity?

Deepesh Nair

Antonio Brown Albany Empire Controversy: A Look at How the Former NFL Star Fooled the Entire Football Fraternity

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is slowly turning into an agent of chaos with his ongoing drama at Albany. After a series of concerning reports about the team and payroll misappropriation, Brown spawned a new controversy by totally abandoning ownership of the team. He was trying to wash his hands of all these misdemeanors, stating that somebody else owned the team and he did not have the authority to control the ongoing situation.

Brown made a huge announcement on March 2, 2023, claiming that he had bought stakes in the Albany Empire, an indoor football team. He owned 47.5% of the stakes and nearly one month later doubled it by including his father in this deal. It meant that 95% of the organization was under his control, making Brown the majority owner. While all these reports were circulating across the internet, the veteran dropped another bomb, disowning his association with the administration board.

Did Antonio Brown fool the entire football fraternity?

Looking at the ongoing drama, it appears the seven-time Pro Bowler has manipulated plenty of people associated with this deal, including all the Albany Empire fans. According to Abigail Rubel of the Times Union, Brown’s representative claims that he does not have any percentage of the team. The complete ownership lies with the Antonio El-Allah Express Trust Enterprise.

Interestingly, the enterprise is an arm of the Antonio El-Allah Express Trust. The actual representative of this company is still unknown. However, an anonymous letter was sent to the team’s president, Alberony Denis by a lawyer named Marlon Oliveira which read:

“I Brown, Antonio Tavaris a foreign national but not a citizen of the United States at birth, am writing to you regarding recent reports that have been circulating in the media regarding my supposed ownership of the Albany Empire team.”

“I want to make it very clear that I am not the owner of this team, and any claims to the contrary are completely false,” it added. In all fairness, this does seem like a plan to get out of liabilities which Brown allegedly created while acting as the owner of the franchise. If he actually owns it, he has made a mess of the team affecting innumerable lives. And if he doesn’t, one would say that he pulled off an ‘Antonio Brown.’ In any case, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the notorious WR is trying to fool the world with his shenanigans after literally bringing the football franchise to its knees.

Albany Empire’s destiny is in maligned hands

Ever since there was a transition of power from Mike Kwarta to the new management, the players and the coaching staff have been suffering the consequences. They hadn’t been paid the remaining salaries since April 2021. Despite all these setbacks, the team continued to play for a few more games.

Moreover, Brown kicked out the championship-winning head coach and appointed an interim manager, but after a couple of weeks, he reappointed the previous coach. The entire operation inside the facility turned into an absolute mess. It will be interesting to see how things turn out for the Albany Empire in this twisted scenario.

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