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Deestroying Speaks Up On His Future In Pro Football After Gruesome Neck Injury

Sauvik Banerjee

Deestroying Talks If He Is Calling Off His Pro Football Career After Gruesome Neck Injury

Deestroying’s pro football dreams came crashing down after he sustained a nasty neck fracture in just his second week in the UFL. The kicker that led the league in average yards in his first week met with a disappointing shock in his debut season which probably could be the end of his career in San Antonio Brahmas.

The opportunity to play in the UFL did not come easy on the YouTube sensation. He had to impress during tryouts, prove his mantle during practice sessions, and compete with an NFL veteran to earn a starting role in the team, only to sustain a potentially threatening injury to his neck in his second game.

For someone who had already failed to establish himself in the CFL, losing another pro football opportunity like this is as heartbreaking of a story as it can get. However, when it comes to adversity, Deestroying isn’t someone who likes to call it quits so easily.

“You wake up every day with the world at your feet chasing your dreams and when you least expect it, it all comes crashing down,” the kicker said in his recent YouTube vlog.

De La Haye even hinted that with this injury, he might have to part ways with his team but was certain that he wasn’t giving up on his NFL dreams just yet as he said,

“They say don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. And even though I’m closing this chapter in my book, the story is still not over.”

Deestroying even made it clear in the description of his video that these could be his last days with the San Antonio Brahmas but he then elaborated in the comments that he is preparing for a bigger comeback.

Doctor Diagnoses Deestroying

Though the impact appeared to be a common one, but the injury turned out to be nasty. That said, the doctor still believed that he was lucky enough to not ruin his neck for a potential career-ending injury.

“You’ve had a pretty significant injury to your neck,” the spine specialist told the UFL kicker. “You’ve fractured what’s called the lamina and you’ve broken them at C5. You’ve also disrupted the ligament that runs up and down the front of your spine called the anterior longitudinal ligament you’ve disrupted. So that’s a major bony and ligamentous injury and you have two small discernations at C5/6 and C6/7.”

The doctor then elaborated on how he needed to wear the collar for up to three months for his neck to heal properly. This takes away the opportunity for Deestroying to play this season. However, he was stern to stand by his vision to play in the NFL one day which even Cam Newton believed was a bit too far-fetched for him.

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