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NFL Veterans Including Kyler Murray Pray For YouTuber/UFL Player Deestroying After Gruesome Injury

Sauvik Banerjee

XFL News: Deestroying Joins Forces With Dwayne Johnson-Backed UFL, Delights Football Fans

Deestroying was having the time of his life when he received the opportunity to play pro football with the UFL team San Antonio Brahmas. However, his season turned out to be short-lived proving that life isn’t fair for everyone.

His ambition to play in the NFL one day took a big hit since he is now placed on injured reserve because of which he is now expected to sit at least five weeks. Although the nature of his injury is not yet known, however a sports doctor on X predicted that he is most likely to suffer a collarbone fracture due to the impact.

The Brahmas kicker sustained the injury in his week 2 matchup against the Memphis Showboats during which he tackled a returner and the impact proved costly for the YouTuber.

Watching the struggles of the YouTuber, NFL veterans prayed for his good health after Deestroying after the news went viral on X. “Speedy recovery bro,” Kyler Murray responded.

While former NFL player Chris Manno tweeted, Damn. This sucks. Was loving watching this dude get to finally do what he should’ve been for years. 5 weeks goes quick Deestroying. Get yourself right man. You did what you had to, and proved it ain’t a stunt. That you can kick, and are willing to stick your nose in there. And earned that respect. The opportunity will be there bc of it.”

However, three-time NFL All-Pro Shawn Merriman was active in helping the UFL kicker, who led all kickers in yard percentage in week 1, to grow in his tackling game too.

Shawn Merriman Offers a Helping Hand To Deestroying

Reacting to the news of his injury, Shawn Merriman reacted, If you want learn how to tackle hit me up bro you know I got you lol Deestroying keep your head up my dude you’ll be back and should be proud of yourself. Hard work paid off.”

Deestroying is certainly an inspiring figure for many. Despite losing his NCAA scholarship in 2017 he continued his battle to reach the NFL. He has faced many roadblocks in his career so far, and his week 2 injury is one of them.

Even his career in the CFL proved to be short-lived but his persistence is admirable even by NFL figures. That said, Deestroying would still have three regular-season games to play if he returns after five weeks. His journey has been inspirational to millions, and this is one small hurdle on his way to the NFL.

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