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Does Brittany Mahomes Own a Soccer Team? How Has the Gorgeous Diva Accumulated a Net Worth of $15 Million?

Vasudha Mudgal

Does Brittany Mahomes Own a Soccer Team? How Has the Gorgeous Diva Accumulated a Net Worth of $15 Million?

Brittany Mahomes, once celebrated on the soccer field for her striking prowess, has transitioned from an athlete to a sports entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio. A majority of football fans might know her as Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes‘ wife; however, Brittany has carved her own path, culminating in a net worth of $15 million.

Back in her hometown, Tyler, Texas, Brittany made a name for herself with her exceptional soccer skills, which earned her a spot at the University of Texas and, eventually, professionally in Iceland. After trying her hand at various sports like softball, basketball, and track, Brittany would still be associated with the sports world, despite hanging up her cleats a few years back.

A significant turn in the summer of 2020 was seen in Brittany’s journey in sports. Brittany, along with Chris and Angie Long, embarked on an ambitious project to bring professional women’s soccer back to Kansas City.

Brittany, alongside Chris and Angie Long, really kicked things off with the Kansas City Current, making her a key player off the field as a co-owner. Her care and what she’s aiming for can be seen in Brittany’s involvement with the team. They’re not just playing for the sake of it; they’re playing to raise the bar in women’s soccer, everywhere.

And then there’s CPKC Stadium, which was one of the very few stadiums in the world, built solely for women’s sports, as per the Athletic. Moreover, Brittany’s not just signing checks and calling it a day. Thanks to her days on the field, she knows what changes are yet to be made. She’s in the mix, making sure that whatever they do, it’s got the players’ best interests front and center.

From Soccer Fields to Business Frontiers ft. Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes, an emblem of success and versatility, has impressively carved a niche for herself, amassing a net worth of $15 million as of 2024, according to HotNewHipHop. The former soccer star flawlessly transitioned into entrepreneurship, using her understanding of sports to launch and develop businesses that resonate with fitness and health enthusiasts.

Brittany Lynne Fitness launched in 2019. There are more than a few well-thought-out programs and even unique fitness merchandise, all under her creative direction. They also include the option of working out from home and guiding you every step of the way to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

In 2022, she expanded her influence with the Sterling Skye collection, a line of activewear named after her daughter and designed for flexibility and inspiration. She also possesses a keen sense of market strategies and will frequently be seen endorsing fitness and beauty brands on her Insta page, where she has already garnered 1.8 million followers.

In the end, a narrative of determination, innovation, and empowerment shows Brittany Mahomes’ journey from an athlete to a successful businesswoman.

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