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“Lose My Number”: Aaron Rodgers Reveals How He Destroyed Adam Schefter Amidst Jets Trade Debacle

Neha Joshi

Aaron Rodgers

No one can stop the iconic quarterback of the Green Bay Packers from speaking his mind. And now that Aaron Rodgers is at a crucial point in his professional career, he would like to address his fans without others interfering. Therefore, when NFL Insider Adam Schefter reached out to him personally so that he could speak on behalf of him later, the Super Bowl-winning QB savagely gave him a piece of his mind.

It is the job of an NFL Insider to hunt down fresh information. Schefter only wanted to know if Rodgers has made a decision. But he was trying to glean information from the back-to-back MVP-winning QB. Despite his good intention, Adam Schefter only got a stern six-word reply.

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Aaron Rodgers shut down Schefter in the funniest way possible

The ten-time Pro Bowl winner appeared on the Pat McAfee Show. It was almost a month before the QB appeared in any interviews. There, he confessed he wants to play another season in the league but not with the Packers. The future Hall of Famer showed his interest in the New York Jets. Can we say that A-Rod will end up in New York soon?

But the reason the trade hasn’t happened is that the teams are bargaining over the four-time First-team All-Pro starting quarterback’s compensation.

From there, the conversation took a turn. Rodgers revealed that ESPN’s Adam Schefter somehow got his contact number and reached out to him. He did not reply to his text. But just moments ago, Schefter showed the world what Aaron Rodgers eventually replied to him.

Rodgers’ smug reply does not come as a surprise

Everybody knows that the star signal caller is not fond of insiders. He made that crystal clear over the course of the trading saga.

A month ago, he openly said that Schefter and other insiders know nothing about him. Maybe after the reply, the QB can feel a sense of triumph. The insiders will think twice before bothering him. Even though Schefter got brutally shut down, he made the best of the situation.

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Neha Joshi


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