Matthew Judon, Who Now Has The Most Sacks This Season, Isn’t Bothered By Who Plays Quarterback For The Patriots

Suyash Deep Sinha
|Published 25/10/2022

Matt Judon had a season-high 2.5 sacks against the Bears last night. Moreover, when asked about the Patriots’ quarterback situation, he simply stated that he is as clueless as anyone else.

Matthew Judon is off to another Pro Bowl-caliber start. He enters Monday’s primetime game against the Chicago Bears tied for fourth in the NFL in sacks (six) and sixth in quarterback hits (12).

Judon has played 74% of New England’s defensive snaps thus far. This represents a 7% decrease from his season-long snap rate in 2021 and a 9% decrease from his workload through the first six games of last season. In last Sunday’s win over the Cleveland Browns, he played a season-high 58.6% of defensive snaps. This season, Wise has played 84.8% of the defensive snaps.

Patriots lost their most recent encounter against the Bears as Justin Fields displayed his best skills. However, Matt played his best sack of the season yesterday, recording 2.5 sacks in a game.

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Matthew Judon’s Reacts to Patriots’ Quarterback Situation

Since the day Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay, the Patriots have struggled to find a good quarterback. Last year, Mac Jones filled the gaps and performed admirably for them, but this season, he has been injured and his return wasn’t as good as he would have expected.

Mike Giardi, a sports Journalist, asked Judon after the last game if “the uncertainty at QB could be felt by the defense.” To this, Judon replied “In that situation, I have no idea…. I go out there and just try to execute and get the ball back to whoever is under centre.”

He stated that it has nothing to do with him and no matter who gets to play QB, he will try to lift that person’s spirits for the benefit of the team. “I dap everybody up, I dap Bailey up, I dab Mac up, I dap the whole- I dap everybody up…. I don’t care who’s playing QB as long as they’re executing and moving the chains, I’m rooting for whoever (that’s all).

Judon has clearly indicated that he does not care who is playing quarterback; he just goes out there to do his job as professionally as he can.

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