“Not As Good As Your Morning George Kittle”: NFL Reporter Adam Schefter Has Fun Banter With San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle After Contract Becomes Fully Guaranteed

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published April 01, 2021

George Kittle and NFL reporter Adam Schefter enjoyed some light banter on Twitter after Kittle just saw his contract become fully guaranteed.

Schefter is one the primary reporters in the NFL world, and if information comes out, it’s usually because Schefter has tweeted about it. Kittle’s contract guarantee was no different. After word broke that Kittle’s base salary for 2022 would be guaranteed, Schefter was quick to post about it.

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Kittle responded with his own “Good Morning” tweet to which Schefter had another reply ready:

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George Kittle Contract Details

For now, Kittle has been playing on a very team-friendly deal. His base salary in 2020 was only $2.1 million which is surprising to think about when you consider the kind of player Kittle is.

He is, at this point, either the best or second best tight end, and yet he’s nowhere close to being paid like one. Kittle’s 2020 salary also included a $3.6 million prorated bonus.

In 2021, Kittle’s salary drops even more, giving the 49ers incredible flexibility with the cap. Kittle’s base salary will be worth only $1.25 million this year, and his prorated bonus is worth $4 million.

However, 2022 is the year Kittle will finally cash in. As Schefter noted, his contract’s base salary goes up to a whopping $11.4 million. This money became fully guaranteed today, so Kittle can be rest assured that no matter what, he will finally be getting paid what he deserves.

Kittle’s contract also includes those bonuses, and he’s in line to earn those again for this year. One of his bonuses includes $100,000 for workouts every year. If the 49ers do ever decide they want to get out of Kittle’s conract, then 2022 is the year for that as well.

They would save over $12 million against the cap after June 1st, and they would only have to absorb a loss of $4 million, which isn’t a lot when you factor in the kind of player Kittle is.

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