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Patrick Mahomes’ $1.9 million, 3,759-square-foot real estate investment has doubled in value since its purchase

Jayanth Gorantla

Patrick Mahomes' $1.9 million, 3,759-square-foot real estate investment has doubled in value since its purchase

Patrick Mahomes III recently signed a long term contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s take a look at the house he bought for his family. 

Patrick Mahomes III is one of the best, if not the best, quarterback in the NFL and the Chiefs decided to reward him with a lump sum. The two parties agreed on a 10 year contract extension worth half a BILLION dollars.

This contract and Mahomes’ play on the field ensures that he won’t be changing teams and leaving Kansas City for a long time. Due to this, Mahomes purchased his first property located in Sunset Hills West. This community is located in Missouri, right next to the Kansas border, and nearby to the practice facility and stadium.

What caught the headlines, however, was how much this house was worth. When Mahomes purchased this house in 2019, it was worth $1.9 million dollars. Even though Mahomes was still on his rookie contract, he opted to spend as little as possible on real estate.

It is fair to think that now that Mahomes is established in the NFL, he will change his living situation. It is common for athletes to buy and swap mansions. However, Mahomes has said that he would like to stay in his current house and have the experience of growing in it.

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Patrick Mahomes’ house is not as expensive as you would think looking at his contract

Mahomes has done quite some remodeling on his house after he moved in. It is now slated to be worth somewhere in the mid 2 million range. This is not much for Mahomes after taking into account his salary and sponsorship money.

In an interview, Mahomes has said that he didn’t have too many high expectations for his new house. He, in fact, left all but two aspects of the house modeling to his now wife, Brittany Mahomes and the house interior designer. Mahomes’ sole input was a sneaker room that he wished for since he was a child and living room art worth less than $100.

Judging by this, it is pretty evident that Mahomes won’t have high expectations of his house now and in the future. His current house has an indoor fitness room and a pool. And moreover, it is nearby to his home stadium and practice facility.

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