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Peyton Manning Revealed That Russell Wilson Was Drafted Ahead Of Aaron Judge In 2010 MLB Draft & Even Wilson Couldn’t Believe It

Shubham Bhargav

Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning

Russell Wilson was one of the most talked about quarterbacks ahead of the 2022 season. After spending over a decade with the Seahawks, he was traded to the Broncos this offseason and Denver fans were ecstatic.

However, in super quick time, their expectations came crashing down. Instead of becoming the leading man for the franchise, Wilson has become the center of memes this year.

His below par performances and off the field shenanigans have really pushed the Broncos down. Although after a close win against the Panthers, Broncos fans were hoping the team to develop some winning momentum, their hopes were dashed yet again after recent loss against the Titans.

Innumerable fans have expressed their frustration with the way Russell has played this year. Many have even suggested him to find a different career.

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Russell Wilson Was Drafted Ahead Of Several MLB Stars In The 2010 Draft

As it turns out, even if Wilson decides to switch careers, he might not face a lot of difficulties as he is a very talented baseball player as well. Recently, NFL legend Peyton Manning sat down with Wilson for an interview and revealed a few very interesting facts about the Broncos quarterback.

Peyton asked Wilson to tell him what is common between Jacob Degrom, Joc Pederson, Kris Bryant and Aaron Judge. When Wilson was unable to respond, Peyton revealed that all these baseball stars were drafted after Wilson in the 2010 MLB draft.

Thats’s correct, Russell was selected by the Rockies as the 140th overall pick while Aaron Judge was roped in as the 935th overall by the Athletics.

Even Wilson was left surprised when Peyton revealed this fact. Over the years, the Broncos quarterback has established himself as one of the most consistent performers in the NFL.

He was the go-to man for the Seahawks but it would be fair to say that the transition to the Broncos hasn’t yielded positive results for him, as of yet.

It will be interesting to see how Wilson performs going further into the season. Surely he needs to do something differently if he wants to keep his reputation intact.

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